Monday, February 10, 2014

Brrrrrrrrr and tummy bugs

Last night we got our transfer calls and I am staying in Carmel, with Sister Barrett for the next 6 weeks :)

I caught a gross stomach bug earlier this week and got snowed in... AGAIN.

Considering the snow and the sickness and trainings and exchanges we still had a pretty miraculous week. We were able to teach a lot of members and meet with almost all of our investigators.

Ronnita has probably made the most progress this week. We were able to meet with her and talk about a baptismal date. She is going to get baptized on May 1st. She still has a long way to go, but she now has a testimony of her Savior, Jesus Christ. It is amazing to see the change that has come over her. While she has always had a testimony of God, she now better comprehends His love for her because He sent His son, Jesus Christ to atone for the sins of the world. We saw her on Saturday and she was a little distraught, because she found out that her sister had been stealing from her, but she expressed to us that this was an opportunity to turn to God and to rely on Him. She then said "I want to do it your way, I want to pray in the name of Jesus Christ now. I want to be baptized."!!!!!!! AHHH the spirit was so strong. It was so amazing to hear to her say this, because that was her biggest hurdle. She was Islamic before and didn’t understand the role of Jesus Christ. How amazing to be a part of this and to watch her begin to experience peace in her life. She has a lot to learn and quite a ways to go, but the journey has begun.

We were also able to share a picture of the temple with two of our other investigators, Muttie and Sue Fleener. They are an older couple (exactly.. I kid you the couple from UP) but they are listening intently the to the discussions. They have started to read the Book of Mormon and are praying about being baptized. They are not sure that they want to change, but Muttie sure soaks up every word. They like the idea of priesthood authority, but need that confirmation of truth for themselves. It was awesome to see how much they lit up when we shared a picture of the temple with them this week. They know that it is a house of God.

This week it has been amazing to see how when those people are ready, the spirit can come into their lives and change their hearts. I am going to be honest, at first I doubted that Ronnita and Muttie and Sue would ever change. I love seeing the converting power of the Gospel come into people lives. I love being a part of that. It makes every second of this freezing COLD and SNOW worth it (cheers to the worst winter Indiana has seen in over 30 years)!

I love you all and thank you for your continued prayers. <3 Sarah

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