Sunday, June 23, 2013

PBS and Mormon Tabernacle Choir

This week was kind of crazy! and super exciting!! Sister Cordner and I went on two exchanges this week, so we weren't in our area a ton. It was so much fun to get to spend time with other sisters. They were both in 3 somes, so I got to go with and spend 2 days with 2 different sisters. It was cool to see how different the trainers were and how different missionaries do missionary work. I think they are super fun because it is just nice to mix things up and I am able to take away what I like about how those sisters work/tract/teach together and apply it to how I work. So from my stand point, win/win situation!  

Me and sister Cordner
This week we also had a special training, specific to the entire mission, but they did it by region (so a few zones together). It was on finding people (which is good because Sister Cordner and I don't really have a ton of progressing investigators right now, but we are not in our area a ton so it is kind of hard to find more people too. but we are working on it!)  I think the training was mostly it was for President and Sister Collins to say goodbye to everyone. All of the sisters got to give President a hug, which was kind of cool, but Sister Collins called me Elder Mumford (which was kind of hilarious). I have been meeting a lot of new missionaries, and for some reason Elders always think they are being super originall when they call me Sister Mumford and Sons. I try to keep a straight face and tell them about playing the banjo around the campfire at family reunions with Uncle Marcus.... it’s harder than you would think.

Sister Cordner and I, since we are only 20 minutes south of downtown, got the awesome opportunity to help out at PBS Kids in the Park. It was pretty hot and humid and I had to wear a t-shirt with a skirt (weird) but it was really fun!! It was nice to be able to serve those in the community and it was nice to look forward to it all week. I was crowd control to the meet and greet of Daniel the Tiger (no idea who that is) but I was actually really surprised at how rude some of the parents were. Looking back it was really funny some of the things these people were doing to meet a person in a furry costume. It was really fun to get to see Sister Vidmar (from my district in the MTC). She is in the Fishers 2nd ward-- I am pretty jealous because her apartment complex has a gym, so crossing my fingers for Fishers area.. hahah!! ?

Our whole mission had a bunch of tickets to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance (to take investigators). They got tickets a few months ago and that is when investigators had to commit. Sister Cordner and I though, got a call on Thursday night that said we could go because they had extra tickets!! I ran into the Cannadays there too!! So excitement all around. It was so good! They sang a lot of fun songs. My favorites had to be the African American folk songs. But I mean come on, really, who gets to go to a concert on their mission?!

I wanted to tell you a little bit about Naradah. She is amazing! She has been less active for awhile low point and decided to meet with missionaries. Long story short we are teaching her now! It has been so exciting to see her apply the atonement in her life. She has such a strong testimony. She actually has been out to teach with us a few times this past week. We have also discussed with her the possibility of serving a mission. She said that she thinks that she really wants to because she wants to share the gospel with others. Anyways, she pretty much made my week!!!

I love being a missionary. There are days that are tough, but I know that I am here in this area with these people for a reason. I love that everyday I get to put on my name tag so everyone knows that I am representing Christ. Thank you all for the emails!! I love you tons <3

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