Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Couple Three

"A couple three" is one of my favorite “Hoosier" sayings, and guess what!!! Now it's true! I am now officially in a 3-some companionship. Sister Cordner and I got a visa-waiter for Brazil on Friday :D Her name is Sister Ware. She is super cute and works really hard. We all stay in an extra hour now and do language study...... so maybe I will pick up some Portuguese (probably not since I am sooooo good at languages). On Saturday morning she taught the first discussion to me in Portuguese and it was amazing how much I could understand. It is so cool how the Spirit works and can testify of truths. We say the first vision every morning and even in a different language the Spirit is just as strong! I love it!!
My companions!! Sister Corder is on the left and Sister Ware is in the middle

On Tuesday, we had an exchange with the Sisters in North Vernan. Come to find out, a lady in their ward randomly found my blog online and has been reading it for a couple of weeks..... CRAZY!!! North Vernan was super fun! It is a cute little town just full of Hoosiers! Actually I have been learning a lot about Hoosiers. Let me tell you a couple three 'bout them.
1) I love the way they talk!! While we were in North Vernan we volunteered at The Good Shepherd food pantry. As you can imagine the place had quite a few Hoosiers. They sounds a lot they southerners- sometimes when we teach someone who is real Hoosier I find myself starting to talk like they do. I hope they know I am not making fun! I just love me some Hoosiers!
2) Every Hoosier has them an Indiana doorbell- and by this I mean a dog. Good thing I got over my fear of them.... just saying
3) Sadly, most Hoosiers smoke. Sometimes I am afraid that I smell like smoke by the end of the day. We teach the Word of Wisdom a lot. It is amazing to see the power of the Lord and how he will bless those that are able to turn to Him and help them over come, well anything!! The Atonement is so real and I love it!

Me and a Member

On Wednesday, we got in a car accident. Another car backed into the passenger side of the car in a speedway parking lot. We had been tracting for a few hours and decided we needed some cold water before we went to our next lesson. Yeah, not the best idea apparently. I got a pretty bad headache afterwards and was pretty sore for a few days. Sister Collins made us go in pretty early to rest- so benefit of an accident- we did get out of the heat. Sister Cordner was pretty shaken up and we both got blessings the next day from our district leader. I am so grateful for the priesthood. It was so comforting to know that all I had to do was ask. I felt a lot better after that!! Hopefully this coming week will not be quite as.. ummmm exciting.

On Saturday, I got to go on an exchange in Seymour, another very cute little Hoosier town! And Sister Jones was my companion for the day (she was in my district in the MTC). It was so fun to work with her. We taught a few lessons and got return appointments on all of them! I love exchanges because in order to be unified when we teach (since we only have 24 hours together) we both have to rely so much on the Spirit. These are probably some of my most favorite lessons and they are received by the investigators or less actives the best! I did have to sleep on the floor, which was, well interesting.....
             Sister Jones and I in Seymour :)

Naradah is just amazing. We are still meeting with her and she is going to start coming out with us a couple of times a week as she is now preparing for a mission. Her testimony is so strong. It is amazing to see how her faith and testimony have grown and what the gospel can do for someone’s life. Teaching her was probably the highlight of my week
(the letters were pretty great too- not going to lie!)

Hopefully next week won't have any car excitement. We are going to be doing a lot of "finding" seeing as we just had to drop a lot of investigators! I love sharing my testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon on doorsteps. Hopefully we can find more people to teach!! This is definitely hard work, but I love being a missionary!!


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