Monday, July 1, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

It has rained buckets the past week!! Makes tracting--well, interesting....... 

Hoosier: A Kentuckian gone to Detroit who ran out of gas.

The above definition comes from a less active sister in my ward. We met with her earlier this week. We are having dinner with her tonight! She is fantastic and hilarious. She told us all kinds of crazy stories about the ghetto and drug busts when she was a police officer. She just says what is exactly on her mind. She loved when she had a calling and was active when she did, so we talked to her a lot about service. We are hopefully going to teach her the lessons for "practice" and hopefully she will come back to church, because she is fantastic and has such a good perspective on life!

This week we went on two more exchanges with the Clear Creek and Highland Sisters. I would just love to serve in either of those areas. All of the sisters I went on exchanges with this time around have a really good understanding of what it takes to be a good missionary. I love getting to know the other sisters and learn from them as I go. I especially love the Highland sisters because we work really well together and we just laugh and laugh and laugh! That is one thing that I love about being on a mission. The whole point of this life is to have joy, so I know that if I am working hard 1) I will find more joy in the gospel and serving and 2) the amount of fun and laughter I enjoy is equal to how hard I work. It is funny how the hour of personal study is the fastest hour of the day!

Being in a threesome (triship?) is hard! It is fun because there are three of us to study, plan and teach, but that is exactly why it is hard. Sister Cordner and Sister Ware are both really strong teachers, so we pray extra hard for unity and the Spirit as we teach so as not to overwhelm those who we do teach. It is strange, because sometimes I am quiet...... It is a new skill I am trying to learn......

The package from home was so sweet and so perfect!!! Everything in it MADE MY DAY!!! My companions were SO jealous, but so excited when they saw the 5 Guys gift card. I don't know how I got so lucky.... but I love you all so much!! I love being able to mark in my own copy of the General Conference Ensign. I never expected to be so excited to read conference talks, but they are the BEST! I just love having modern day prophets and so much revelation that is all so applicable to my life!!!

We went and taught the C. girls this week again (their mom was baptized about 6 years ago, but doesn’t currently attend church.) They are in very poor living conditions right now. It is really sad to see Sister C. and her five girls struggle. We were teaching our lesson and her boyfriend and some other strange boys/men came into her home. The Spirit left upon their arrival and all three of us were prompted to leave. We said a prayer and got out as fast as we could. I have been worried about those young girls all week because of all of the circumstances regarding their living situation. We called President Cleaveland (He is here now!!) to see what exactly we should do about the situation. I already love him. I could just feel his love for all of the missionaries as he spoke to us over the phone! I am really excited to meet him in person on Friday!! 

We have been teaching a Preach My Gospel class in Sunday School the past couple of weeks. This Sunday was our last class and it was on how to be a better member missionary. All of the missionaries in our ward spoke in sacrament meeting as well (I spoke on the Book of Mormon). It was so fun to see the ward get so excited about missionary work!! I have already seen a change in their attitude. As a companionship we are actually doing a finding fast this fast Sunday. I cannot wait to see the results! In fact, this Sunday we got two new investigators already!! One is a 17 year old boy named Cody-- who said he was searching for the truth and wanted a relationship with God, we invited him to be baptized at the end of our lesson and he SAID YES!!!!!!!! The other is a sweet sweet older lady named Dorothy. We can’t really tell where teaching her will go, but we can tell she already has a strong love for the Book of Mormon! Heavenly Father is real and he answers prayers. I am just so grateful that I have the opportunity to be in these people’s lives at this time. 

Transfers and coming up and rumor has is that my trainer is probably going to be transferred into an area with another Sister Trainer Leader.  So I might get another trainer ( which would be fun, cause two is better than one, right?!?) So anyways, I guess we will see in a couple of weeks. 

Being a missionary is hard. But I love it! I love serving and teaching! It is so cool to see how the Lord works through me by means of the Spirit. The church is true and I love it!!!!!!

Love you all,

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