Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back to Week One

Back to Week 1

Transfers are on Wednesday! I made it!! We got a phone call last night and I am staying in Indy :D SO EXCITED!! But sadly, Sister Cordner is being transferred... I am losing my mom :( but that is okay, because I will get a new trainer, or new mom? Or something along those lines. I won't find out who it is until Wednesday at transfer meeting! So next Monday prepare yourselves for an awesome picture of me and my new companion! I am so excited that I am staying! I feel like I am finally getting to know the ward members and finally find more people to teach!! Oh and I got to drive this week, well for one whole day, on exchanges in our area and I got around without the GPS! So I kind of sort of know the area too :) 

I have a firm belief in the power of exchanges! We ended up coming back to Indy for two exchanges in the past couple of weeks. It is amazing the power of an exchange, because Heavenly Father seems to put people who need to hear the gospel in our paths, even more so than He already does. We have found a ton of new investigators between the two exchanges!! Sadly, most of them cancelled their appointments like 5 hours before... but that is okay, we will keep trying! 

I don't know if I said much about Mandy in my last email, but we met with her again! She was still in the hospital, and actually just got released a few days ago. She said she was praying that we would come back and talk to her while she was in the hospital. We are going to see her later tonight!!! I can't wait. She told us that in order to prepare herself to meet with us that she quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and she used to smoke 2 packs a day and she just quit cold turkey! She is so prepared to receive the message of the restored gospel! I just cannot wait to start teaching her. She is fantastic and her spirit is so strong!! I had a super cute picture with her, but of course, I pulled a Sarah and forgot my camera cord.....

Guess who got another 17 year old male investigator. Yup, that's right, this girl. It's so weird, we are teaching three 17 year old boys right now.... crazy!! We met Casey on Saturday, when he came to Cody's lesson with him. He said he wanted to learn more! Cody is amazing and actually explained the first vision to Casey in our lesson. I don't know if it is totally allowed... but our investigator is teaching our investigator!!! Jack's baptismal date had to be moved back- for some reason the Elders who were teaching him before gave him a date of Saturday- but he said he wanted to move it because he didn't feel ready. We still have to pray about a new date with him, but hopefully by this weekend he will have a date again!! 

I don't know if anything else too exciting has happened this week. I mean besides working hard, getting rained on a sweating a lot. But hey that's half the fun!! I am so excited to see what the next 6 weeks in Indy bring. Thanks for the mail. It is always so excited to get it! I love you all so much! I can feel your prayers- I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve! I love being a missionary!!


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