Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have a new companion

I have a new companion!!!! She is pretty fun :) Sorry I don't have a picture.. (goal for next week!)  Her name is Sister Hambline and she is from a little town called Whales in Utah.   It is by Manti. She is one of 11 kids! She grew up on a farm.  While our backgrounds are different, she has a strong testimony of the gospel and I have a lot to learn from her. So I guess in mission terms she is my step-mom :)

On Monday we taught the Law of chastity to Jack. It went over well, but I had butterflies the whole day leading up to it... because come on, who wants to teach the law of Chastity -- let alone to a 17 year old boy who is already a little awkward.   It ended up being a sad day with Jack, his parents don't want him converting, so he stopped meeting with us and we had to cancel his baptismal date. This was really tough because we know the gospel has everything he needs to have a better life, but he says he is not even sure if he wants to meet with us after he turns 18 in a month. So sad day :( 
Agency is a beautiful thing-- I mean it is God's greatest gift to us, outside of our bodies-- but it is one of the most frustrating things as a missionary. 

On Tuesday we met with Mandy again! She wanted to know more about the temple!! And asked if we could take her there someday :) We asked if she would be baptized and she said of course. We talked about Joseph Smith. I cried, she cried, Sister Cordner cried. It was an amazing lesson! She says she wants to be baptized because she knows it is right and she knows it from how she feels. I cannot wait to keep teaching her! The only thing that might be tricky is law of Chastity with her. She has been living with her boyfriend from 18 years........ 

Wednesday, I got my new companion!! And Grandma and Grandpa, I checked with Elder Craven and as far as he knows we share the same great-great grandparents! So yayyyy!!!! I am serving with a cousin- like an 8th cousin or something, but still a cousin!!! Next transfer meeting we are both going to bring our fan charts so we know for sure! (Wow.. you know you are missionary when you talk about comparing family history...) Oh and we no longer have a GPS, because that was Sister Cordner's personal GPS, but I got us home from Fishers without getting lost :) And now I am a pro at reading the map, seeing as I am the official navigator as junior companion! Thank goodness I am fairly familiar with the area! My new companion is supposed to be my trainer- but this week I have "trained" her on the area, which was interesting. Not exactly what I expected, but we have still been able to work really hard, and only have gotten lost a few times :)

The more I look for the hand of the Lord in my life, the more apparent it is. I love it! It is amazing to see how he has a part of everything and how he is always watching out for us. Sister Hamblin hasn’t had a ton of driving experience in cities, but we have been kept out of harms way :) I have said a lot of prayers in the car- but it is amazing to see how Heavenly Father protects us! 

The church is true! This week was hard, with the adjustment and Jack, but that is okay, because it is all part of the plan! I love being a missionary. Oh and random but I cry almost everyday-- happy tears when I bear my testimony. I thought maybe this would change, but it looks like it is time for Sister Mumford to invest in some waterproof mascara!!



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