Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finding Fast

This week was hard, but so good at the same time!! I love being a missionary!! Oh and Sister Ware got her VISA!!!! So yayyy for her, but sad day for me :( 

Yesterday, Sunday, my companions and I had a finding fast! This is actually something that our mission president suggested that we do. We prepared for it all week by praying to be able to be prompted by the Spirit and then align our will with our Father in Heaven’s in order to be able to prepare to be able to efficiently find those who are ready to receive the message of the restored gospel. It was amazing to see as we started to carefully follow promptings how we started to get more and more promptings!

On Thursday we got a new investigator!!!! His name is Jack and he is 17. He was actually being taught by the Elders in the ward next to ours, (Greenwood) but they found out that he is just barely in our area. He actually has a baptismal date too!! It is on the 27th of July.... So we have a lot of work in the next couple of weeks to do in order to get him ready for that! We have already met with him twice since then and we will meet with him again tonight. I think one of the most exciting parts about teaching him is to see his eyes light up when he understands things and see how he is starting to draw nearer to the Lord in his life. I love it! 

On Wednesday, we visited Mandy in the hospital. Every Wednesday we play Bingo at a rest care place. It is super fun. Sister Cordner calls out the numbers and then Sister Ware and I help people who can't see or hear very well (which is most of them) play. It is fun. Side note, there is one really cute old lady who only speaks Spanish. She has quite a bit of memory loss, but loves to sit by me. Apparently my dark hair reminds her of her daughters. We are pretty sure that she tells me how pretty I am... but then again I am not that good at Spanish.... Anyways Mandy is in charge of bingo and she wasn’t there. After asking around we found out that she was in the hospital. We all felt very impressed that we should go and visit her. She tells us every week how much she loves us and that there is something different about us missionaries. We found her in the hospital and after she recognized us she cried she was so happy to see us. We ended up giving her a short lesson and leaving her with a copy of the Book of Mormon. We asked if we could put it on her bedside table and she said "No, no, put it here, put it right here, I want it close to me," as she patted her heart. We decided to go back the next day and see how she was doing. We were so lucky. She said that she knows that we have exactly what she is looking for in her life. As I bore testimony of Christ's atonement, I felt God's love for her so strongly that I cried (which actually is not out of the ordinary for me... turns out being on a mission has made me cry...... a lot). We are so excited to see her later this week!! 
Fourth of July lunch.
We met President Cleveland on Friday!! He is awesome! His wife is super cute and a hairdresser :) We even got a basketball analogy... imagine that! It was about running suicides and how we need to touch all of the lines on our mission. We also found out a little bit more about internet proselyting. We will hopefully be picked as one of the first 50 missions to try it. Our area books are going to be totally on ipads and all missions will be electronically based within the next year!! I am so excited. It is going to move missionary work forward so much! And I am so excited to learn so much more  from President and Sister Cleveland.

So -- not too much excitement last week. I am so excited to continue to find, hopefully many many more investigators. Transfers are coming up next Wednesday (so 9 days) and from what the assistants said, it looks like Sister Cordner and I probably won't be companions for this next transfer. Sister Ware leaves in a week for Brazil (CRAZY!!). So maybe I will get two mission moms! I guess I will just have to wait and see! I love you all so much. I love reading your emails on preparation days, and the letters this past week were awesome!! 



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