Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bye Bye Carmel

Sadly it is that time again... transfers.....and now I have to say goodbye to Carmel. It is going to be hard. I have learned so much here. I have had the opportunity to see so many people grow closer to Jesus Christ. Thank goodness it is the same work everywhere and I know I will be in for another fantastic adventure! But, I sure will miss Carmel, especially the ward and all of the members!!

This week it was fun to meet with Cory and Riannah post baptism and hear how much they loved it! We spent a lot of time talking with them about the gift of the Holy Ghost. Cory said that now with the Gift of the Holy Ghost that it is easier to say his prayers and Riannah said that she notices that she is nicer to her friends at school and has a better attitude. It is sweet to hear the simple testimonies and direct application of the blessings of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Brother P came to church this week!! It was fantastic to see him there!! The first thing that the Bishop did (since he does his job oh so very well!) was to pull him into his office and give him a calling!! So now he is serving in the Young Men’s and is the assistant for the teachers quorum. As unenthusiastic as he pretended to be, we know he is totally excited! He loves those boys already! We pushed their baptism back to mid April so that Colin and Emma will be able to be baptized by their dad! It is so important that they make this step (this HUGE STEP) of coming back to church and reactivating as a family. Their ultimate goal is to be able to attend the temple together. When we first started meeting with them when I first came into the area, the spirit was not  abundant in their home. As they have made the changes that prepared them to come back to church, like reading the scriptures daily and praying as a family the spirit is now strong in their home. I am sad to leave because I love them! But I know that whoever teaches them next will be perfect for them! They are bound and determined and their family is moving in the right direction!

We were also able to meet with the Muttie and Sue this week! They have both had quite a few health complications... I mean they both are 80 years old... so not surprising. The Elders were able to give them both blessings of healing. It was super sweet to hear in their blessings just how much Heavenly Father loves both of them. They will be baptized pretty soon :) some of my favorite quotes from Muttie are
"Hello! Its my favorite girls!" (as he opens the door for us)
"I was praying so hard for those Elders the whole time. That the blessing would work."
"Bless her heart...."
"My wife Sue here doesn't know how good she is or just how much God loves her, but He sure does!"
As we are trying to shake his hand to walk out "Come on you can do better than that!"... then pulls us in for a hug. Had to get special permission from President Cleveland  o hug him after this happened 4 or 5 times in a row...... hahah

The converting power of the gospel is so real! The change that I have had the opportunity to see in individuals in Carmel is fantastic! The work here is amazing! We were able to see much success because of the members. Because of their love! They invited their friends to learn more and welcomed new and returning members with open arms. They understood and exemplified charity. They understand that it is through Christ that we are each made stronger and that we need each other in order to do so! I love Carmel so much and will miss it a lot, but I am excited for my next adventure!

Sarah <3

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