Monday, March 3, 2014

Many are called but few are FROZEN!

Church was almost canceled.... AGAIN!!!! But,  thankfully we toughed it out even in the "snow-storm". What a blessing, especially since it was fast and testimony meeting and COLLIN AND EMMA CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!! It was so good to see the P family there! They haven't been to church in almost 2 years now. We have been working with them since I have been in Carmel, so almost 4 months now and they have said that they wanted to come to church for a while, but a member of the ward reaching out to them is what made the difference:

Her name is Elsa. She is a good friend of Emma's. They met a few years ago (I think they had the same 2nd grade teacher) Elsa found out that Emma was not active and invited her church. Her family would pick Emma up and for a few months Emma returned to church. A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to go into their family’s home for dinner. We were talking about the stake goals focused on missionary work, and in particular the one about extending a gospel invitation monthly. At the end of our short lesson we were helping brainstorm what kind of invitations their family could extend. Elsa decided that she would like to start inviting Emma again to activities, especially after she heard how badly she wanted to come back to church! So that is exactly what Elsa did! This week she invited Emma to activity day and gave her a ride. Sister P came to the church to pick Emma up. And this is where the story gets good. Sister P was welcomed with open arms. All of the members said hello and described how glad they were to see her there!! Sister P said when she got home that night that she now knew without a doubt that the church was where her family needed to be. She described how good it felt just to be back in the building and how she was determined that her family WOULD be at church on Sunday!!!! And that is exactly what happened--all because Elsa invited Emma to activity days. I am so grateful for her example of member missionary work and her true friendship. A 10 year old’s invitation is what made the difference in an entire family!!

This week we also had Zone Conference as well as Missionary Leadership Council. Two full days of meetings as well as an exchange seem like they might be enough to do you in for the week!! Again, Sister Barrett and I were so incredibly blessed and met nearly all of our goals this week!!!

Our mission has a new "official" baptism goal for the year. It is 1 baptism per zone per week!!! Seems easy right? We are so excited to have such a specific goal to work towards! If we are successful this will mean over 600 hundred baptisms this year in our mission!!!!!!!!!! (CRAZY!!!) Then again, the work is hastening!

The success that I have seen on my mission and the success that I have been able to be a part of is all due to the members. It is due to their willingness to come with us to lessons, their willingness to serve with us! Their willingness to welcome investigators with open arms and show their love and their care for them! This truly is a member led work and I am so grateful to be serving in an area where the members are so excited about missionary work!!

Thank you for your continued love and support! I am so grateful for all of your prayers and your letters....  I certainly wouldn't say no to more ;)

Sarah <3

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