Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Fun

Everyday when we leave the apartment to go out to work for the day, Sister Bowen's declaration is "Adventure Time." That statement has proven true with MANY adventures this week. Nothing seems to turn out exactly as you expect it to! But it often times makes for some really good stories!! So here is a taste of the adventures this week :)

We started out by getting to play some basketball with Coach—I mean President Cleveland. It was actually a clinic! It was so much fun :) We started out with some cardio and warm ups and such and then did a bunch of drills. It was fun to shoot some hoops, but boy oh boy it’s been a while since I actually played. At the end he told me he was impressed... but I am pretty sure he was just being nice. Our entire zone was pretty sore the next day!

On Tuesday we had 4 hours of church tour training. Starting in June we are going to give church tours to investigators and offer them to people that we find and even take members’ friends on tours. We are supposed to practice everyday. It seems like it will be a really effective finding tool, that is, once we get good at it :)

Wednesday we had the Sister Specialized Training in Fishers. It was so much fun to see all of the Sisters!!! We had wonderful trainings in the morning on Christ and how we can depend on him. Actually, since this was a Sisters conference and Sister Cleveland was in charge, it had a theme (hehe). The theme was D.O.T.S., Depend on the Savior, so everything had polka dots. It was pretty cute. Then in the afternoon we learned more about stress and healthy eating (President must think we are a little chubby...... which for the most part is true:) and then we did this new work out theory called Tobata (I think it is similar to the principle of cross fit) and then we did Zumba. It was so much fun! There was one sister who dislocated her knee and tore her meniscus... which was really sad. But other then that no harm :)

This week we had a pretty funny lesson with one of our investigators, Web. Actually his real name isn't even Web, to be honest we have no idea what it is. We think that it might be Frank or Bill, but he asked us to call him Web, so we do. He is about 70 years old. He is very interested in Mormons because of the lifestyle that we live. He is very impressed that we don't drink or smoke and likes that we live by the Law of Chastity. We met him a couple of weeks ago and he said he wanted to learn more. He wanted to meet at a "neutral" location, so we met at Dairy Queen. Our intent was to teach the Restoration, but before we could even begin, he asked us why we think he should be Mormon and what is in it for him. We talked a lot about the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation-- the happiness that we gain from following God's commandments (intermingled with several stories from his life.... none of which were every relevant. hahah) We didn’t get very far but we left him with a restoration pamphlet and he asked if he could invite a few friends for when we meet again this week!!!! He also asked if at one point we would like to have a lesson with him on the Indy 500 track (because apparently he has connections!) Pretty exciting!

And then there was Easter!!!!! We had a wonderful sacrament meeting on Christ and his Atonement. We went to the Baldridge’s house for dinner, which was a blast! They live out on quite a bit of property, and every year they hide eggs all over (they are empty, but they hide 200+). We were asked, with the Elders, to participate this year. It was a race... we only had 10 minutes and we were suppose to get all of them off of several acres of land. We may or may not have broken into a sweat! But, is was a blast! And 50 some eggs later apiece, we were ready for cake :)

It always amazes me just how aware our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs individually. We are His children and He loves us and He knows us. He sent His son to show us the way, to set the perfect example of how we should live our life, in order to return to live with Him again. I am so grateful for the strength and the peace that I can gain from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Nothing is impossible, no change is too big, through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Sarah <3

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