Monday, April 14, 2014

Not forgotten this week and a funeral

There were quite a few adventures this week and many awkward moments. We did reach the standard of 20 lessons :) and found 5 new investigators and got to go to the  ‘Why I Believe” fireside  I even got to go on an exchange in Indy 1st... my first area :) I thought I would share just a few of the highlights!!

There is an older lady who has dementia whose children are members of the church. She was just placed in a nursing home not too far from our house. We like to go see her about once a week. Most of the time she doesn't remember us and we mostly just smile and tell her we love her. But this time was a little different! She saw us walk in and then she jumped up and ran over. She exclaimed, "I didn't know how I could get you two back!" She was so excited to see us and she remembered us!! When we told her that we had to go, I think she gave us both 3 kisses on the forehead and 5 or so hugs. She was worried we wouldn't come back again. Sister Schramm is so sweet! She kept petting Sister Bowen's face and telling her that she was beautiful (kinda awkward... ohwell). Sister Bowen and I left with big smiles on our faces. I am so grateful for all of Heavenly Father's children!

On Friday,  we went to a funeral viewing. Janet, one of our potential investigators' (her daughter is a less active member in a neighboring ward and the elders and sisters here in Franklin about a month ago helped her move in.) husband passed away. He had pretty bad cancer that spread before they could catch it. We had stopped by a few times to see them and see how their family was doing- since we knew that they were sick. We ended up getting a call the night her husband was dying from the hospital and we were able to teach a short plan of salvation lesson and the elders gave her husband a blessing. He passed away a few hours after that. Surprisingly, we were invited to the funeral and the viewing. It was sad to see how upset and almost distraught this family was about his death. I am so excited to teach this family more about the plan of salvation, and the hope that comes through our Savior, Jesus Christ, especially at this time of year when we celebrate the Atonement. Hopefully, we can get an appointment with them later this week!

One of our investigators, Kay, is working on quitting smoking! She set a date to be done with cigarettes, April 23rd. This week has a been a bumpy ride to say the least. She is very inspired to quit and motivated, but does not completely understand how to most effectively follow through with her goal. We spent a couple of lessons this week making specific plans. We are striving to help her recognize that the only way she can truly overcome this addiction is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We can change through the Atonement. In face that is what this gospel is all about, change. It is about becoming more like our Savior.

Here is a really wonderful video that the church put out for Easter this year! Enjoy!!

Have a fantastic Easter Week <3 Sarah

Sarah with a Young Single Adult friend

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