Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mishiwaka-flaka adventures

This week was awesome!!! We had quite a few adventures along the way. I think the highlight of our week was when Tyler, Mckenna and Ashlynn all came to church!!! Which means that they are right on track for their baptism on the 29th of November!! My favorite lesson with them this week was when we took them on a church tour! Their mom and dad and grandma and aunt all came as well. When we showed them the font they were all really excited about their own baptisms. I loved how when we described how they would be baptized, they all lit up. I am just so excited for them!!!! At correlation meeting yesterday we were talking about them with Bro Pretras, our ward mission leader. He was so excited about them as well-- he said that he has been trying to get something to happen there even since he was made ward mission leader. I am so grateful to be a part of all of this! They are so prepared! 

We also had a really sweet lesson with Dennis this week. In the middle of our lesson, he was like "I need to get baptized, I think that is the next step for me." It was all I could do to keep from grinning. He was also able to come to church this week! And he is praying about when he should be baptized. He said about Christmas time felt right.. which is exciting because that is soon! 

Sister Cutler (she was my companion about a year ago!) is serving in South Bend and on Wednesday we were able to go back to Warsaw together.  Someone that we had taught in Warsaw a couple of times-- (family to Shelby and Adam--Adam was baptized a year ago) Sister Cutler ended up teaching a lot who got baptized, passed away last week and we were able to go the funeral. It was sad, but Katie, who passed away, wanted it to be a celebration. So that is what it was. We remembered her life! I am so incredibly grateful for the gospel and for the knowledge that it gives us-- that families truly can be together forever!

And now for a list of funny things that happened this week:
-Taught a lady who is an excommunicated member working on getting re-baptized. We were trying to show her a video but the sound on her computer wasn't working... she really wanted to see it though so we just narrated it. Almost like just watching it ;) hahah
-Met an Indian family that let us right in. They were Muslim, but we shared a short message and they fed us pomegranates and were so sweet and sent us home with a bag of fruit. 
-Met a less active member who spent 45 minutes telling us every reason why we should not get married.. ever. Her reasons were pretty funny. 
-Went to a Relief Society Christmas dinner...... wasn't it just Halloween?!?
-Spent an entire lunch break seeing how big we could blow balloons until they popped... I so wish I could attach the video.. it was pretty great!!

Well that is all! I hope you all have a fantastic week. Thank you for your continued love and support! 


Sister Sarah Mumford 

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