Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for So Many Blessings

This week was fantastic!!! There were so many miracles it was unbelievable! We stayed super de duper busy, which makes things even more fun (well if you ask me!!). We were able to teach 27 lessons this week, 13 of which had members present.  We were truly blessed! What a great ward too with so many individuals who are always so willing to go out and to teach with us! We also received quite a few referrals as well this week, which was also awesome- its really fun when we have the opportunity to teach member’s friends-- it makes our job a lot easier :) 

This week Angie, a former member we have been working closely with was able to come to church! She was so excited to be back at church after having been gone for so long. She hasn't been to church in over 30 years. Sister Tanner and I sat with Angie during sacrament meeting and her excitement to one day be able to take the sacrament again reminded me why the sacrament is so important!  What a wonderful opportunity that we havet to renew our covenants that we have made with God every week.  It is the perfect time to reflect on our relationship with God, what we have done well that week and what we need to do better! I love the peace that is in the chapel as we take the sacrament and the opportunity that I have  to feel so strongly of my Savior's love for me every week. Angie's renewed enthusiasm for the gospel, especially for the sacrament reminded me of just how important the sacrament truly is! 

Tyler and McKenna are getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! They both had their interviews last Saturday and both passed- so now the baptism is officially going to happen :) The young women and the young men are both very excited for Tyler and McKenna. They both already fit in really well with the whole ward! It has been so fun to watch them change and to grow over the past month or so. They are truly amazing. We went over yesterday just after their family home evening and they had almost their entire extended family there as well! I know they are going to help the rest of their family come back to church. :) Ashlynn, Tyler's sister isn't going to baptized on Saturday- we had a few set backs with her, but she is working towards a new baptismal date of December 27th-- and is progressing well towards that!

Dennis is also doing well! He is praying about getting baptized on December 13th! I just hope he decides soon to take the plunge ;) But he will take that step when the time is right for him.

We contacted an awesome member referral this week! He is a recovering alcoholic and is looking for spiritual growth, but wasn't sure quite where to turn. We were able to share the message of the restorations of the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. Turns out that he actually lives in Warsaw, so the Elders there are going to be teaching him now, but it really was an awesome experience.

I am really excited for Thanksgiving this week and for McKenna and Tyler's baptism this weekend! It is going to be really good week! I am so grateful for all of your love and your prayers- your continued support on my mission! This has been a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel of Christ, which I love so dearly, an amazing opportunity to testify of God's love for all of His children and the hope that comes through his divine plan for us! I am so grateful for this gospel and for my Savior and his sacrifice for us! Have a great thanksgiving this week :)

Sister Sarah Mumford 


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