Sunday, August 18, 2013

Light of Christ

This week had so many blessings! And so many trials :) But that's how this whole mission thing works, right?

We had a lot of appointments fall through again.... but it put us where we needed to be when we needed to be there. It is frustrating when plan a, then plan b, then plan c fall through. And people don't want to talk to you. But it is okay, because it should always be plan g- God's plan. I keep reminding myself of that in the heat when no one answers their doors. God's plan.... God's plan :)

We have a new investigator!! His name is Nick. He actually looked up and was talking to missionaries online and then asked for us to come visit him. He tried to come to church on Sunday, but on accident went to the Lutheran church down the street. Which he ended up not liking.  We were still able to have a lesson with him after church! The light of Christ shines so brightly in his eyes, he has such a desire to learn and to grow. He told us that he would like to be baptized because he would like a fresh start on this part of his journey in life--his journey back to his Savior, but he realizes that this change will take time, and he would like to learn more first (can you say golden!?) He has such a strong desire to learn and is already so grateful! He plans on coming to church this Sunday. I am so excited to teach him!! Oh and he said that if anyone ever tried to spit on me he would get me a tazer ........ hahaha made us laugh pretty hard! 

Naradah has been spending quite a bit of time with us these past couple of weeks. She has been able to come to several lessons with us--even if they all fall through one day, she is still willing to come teach the next day. It is so powerful to teach with members. Especially since investigators see them as real people! We actually, as part of a companionship study on Saturday, "role-played" with her. Naradah was whoever she wanted to be. We had an amazing practice lesson on the atonement. Crazy enough, we went to visit a less-active family and ended up having a lesson with one of the daughter's boyfriends that was almost exactly like the role-play we did earlier. It is amazing how Heavenly Father prepares us. The spirit was so strong! I am excited to go back and see Josh (the boyfriend) later this week. We challenged him to pray to know if God is there. It was amazing to bear testimony of the atonement and promise that by using it, he could feel God's hand in his life. 

Well Mandy has been really sick, so we haven't been able to meet with her, but that is okay, we will see her this week, I am sure!! 

I love you all so very much. This week went by so fast! I am so grateful for your continued love and support. I will talk to ya’ll in a couple three ;)

All my love from the Hoosier State,
Sarah <3

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