Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Priesthood Blessings

This week was fantastic!! A lot of lessons fell through... again. But the lessons that we did have were amazing!! 

Last Sunday night, we called Mandy because she had been on my mind. We were just calling to see how she was doing and to see if there was a time that we could come see her later in the week. When we called her she expressed that she had gotten a lot worse and that she was in a lot of pain and was returning to the hospital shortly if things didn't get any better. Over the phone, we were able to explain what a priesthood blessing was. As soon as I had finished explaining what it was Mandy exclaimed "That is what I need, I need one of those!" We were able to go over Tuesday evening with the Elders and a brother in our ward. The spirit was so strong as we read 3 Nephi with Mandy and talked about how Christ healed everyone individually when he visited the people.  We also talked about how we are able to be healed through the atonement and how the priesthood blessing was the power of God, and if she had faith it would be the same as if Christ had laid his hands on her head. Mandy once again declared her faith in Christ. She said "I know, I know Jesus can heal me, I know and I believe that he can, I just need this blessing!" She said as soon as the Elders laid her hand on her head that she felt the spirit wash over her and that she felt calm all over. Once the blessing was over and the Elders went on their way to get to their lesson, Mandy expressed that all of her pain was gone. She returned to the hospital the next day and found out that she is in stage 4 kidney failure, but between the blessing and the medical care that she received that her pain is significantly less! We were able to go see her later in the week and she now has a baptismal date of September 28th!!! Mandy is so prepared (now we just have to get her married.)  ;)

Jack decided to quit seeing us again. Sad day. Apparently his family has been exposed to some anti- Mormon information which is no bueno. Even though this is incredibly disappointing, I know that Jack will have another opportunity to accept the gospel in his life- I just need to remember that this is God's timing and not mine. 

This week we were able to meet with President Cleveland for president’s interviews! It is amazing what he has already done to help us hasten the work! We are working towards individual stakes (which just happen to line up with our zones) having individual quarterly and annual baptism goals, so it will be the ward’s and the stake’s goals, not the missionaries’ goals. It will be amazing to see how the work moves forward the more that members and missionaries are able to be united and work together in bringing others to Christ! 

The more that I look for my angels, to more that I see them! Heavenly Father has so many of his children prepared by these angels, to be taught by the missionaries. All I have to do is open my eyes, well-- and my mouth too. I love the promise in Doctrine and Covenants 84:88. There are angels around us to bear us up!! And the most amazing part is that anyone can be a missionary- in fact everyone should be a missionary as we take upon ourselves the name of Christ through baptism and renew that covenant weekly through the sacrament.

Okay sorry I will get off my soap box :) Guess I kind of can't help it- I mean I am a missionary. So this week I remembered my camera but no camera cord.... sad day :(

Thank you all for your love and support!! 


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