Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baptismal Dates and Bee Stings

This week I learned a lot-- about myself, about missionary work, and about what not to do with visual aids.......

My blog (where all of these weekly letters are posted) is called Preaching to the Hoosiers. Alma helped me understand just a little bit more about preaching! To preach is to deliver the word of God (Alma 4:19). Pretty cool that I get to spend 18 months teaching people about the word of God and helping them to better understand it and apply it in their lives.

Speaking of Hoosiers- Sister Cutler and I were pretty curious as to why no one in Warsaw has teeth. At first we concluded that they were just Hoosiers (according to a lady in our ward being a Hoosier makes you "fat, bald and toothless). But it turns out that it might have something to do with the fact that Warsaw is the meth capital of Indiana--so fun fact about where I serve :)

This week I also learned that I am allergic to bees. I thought I knew this before, but apparently I did not understand the extent of my body's reaction to a sting. Don't worry, no problems breathing here..... just had to get some steroids to get rid of it. I know of course you wanted to see a picture of my swollen arm, so here it is :) (note-- the lighting is awful, my apologies)

All of the trainers and trainees had a specialized training in Fishers this week. It was really fun to see lots of my missionary friends and to hear from President Cleveland. And guess what!!! Our mission now has a Facebook page :) You should check it out! We as missionaries are not allowed to get on it at this time, but I think if you look up Indianapolis, Indiana Mission or Indy Mission, it should come up!

You also should be careful when using visual aids with investigators that involve fire. Brian Alvarado, one of our investigators with a baptismal date may or may not have gotten a little bit burned.......but on the bright side, his sister wanted to do it right after he did and the visual worked perfect for her :) I might have to try to get a picture of it for next weeks letter-- it is pretty exciting!!

This week we ended up committing two of our investigators to live the Word of Wisdom. Change is hard. I know that it will take time for them to make this change in their lives, and that it will not be easy. It is amazing to see what faith these people have. I love how we can make changes for the better in our lives (repent) because of the Atonement. It has been eye opening and just so amazing to see the enabling power in my own life since I have been on my mission. I still cry almost every lesson when I bear my testimony to our investigators of our Savior's love for them--Sister Cutler has nicknamed me "weeping willow". It is crazy that this transfer is already almost over!! Boy time flies when you are serving the Lord ;)


Indiana is beautiful. We stopped to take this picture on the way to one of our appointments.

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