Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Food Poisoning, Frog Legs and New Investigators

September 23,  2013

There is never a dull moment in the life of a missionary. Seriously. Nothing ever goes quite like we plan or expect it to. That is probably because our feeble little minds are not quite able to comprehend Heavenly Father's plan, but boy oh boy do I have some adventures to share this week!!

Tuesday: We went and visited a less active family in the ward that we hadn't met yet. We had a fantastic lesson with them on temples and the importance of eternal families. She even said she would try to find her dress for church!! They shared a scripture with us about their opinion of President Obama........ it really made us giggle a little (Psalms 109:8).
We also went to lunch with our district after district meeting. The four Elders in our district are all Spanish speaking elders and all Latino, except for the one elder who is  a visa-waiter for Argentina. We went to a very delicious Mexican restaurant called Ricky's. It was basically a glorified taco-stand... a lot like Chubby's at home... only one problem...how it made our insides react for the two days following..........

Wednesday: Sister Cutler and I were super adventurous and tried (drum roll please) FROG LEGS!!!! I sure wish we had our cameras with us to take a picture. Strange thing.... what they all say is true-- it tasted like chicken. We are teaching a less active (well maybe sometimes active family) who is coming back to church and have a 10 year old daughter who wants to be baptized and she made frog legs!!! Still kind of can't believe I actually ate it.

Thursday: This day was so fantastic!!! It was so busy we didn't even have dinner!! We did our weekly planning (which takes 3 hours...or more....),  taught 4 lessons that members were able to come with us to, and we got 2 new investigators!!! This truly made up for how nasty we felt!

Friday: This day’s adventure was a little different in nature. It was really raining and we didn't have the car and we decided that walking to the few appointments that we had might be a little safer then biking. We were walking home to take our dinner break and this man rolled down his window and pulled over and started talking to us. It was a little strange to have a random man stop us (see as missionaries, we normally do all the stopping-it was creepy, but almost refreshing) but then again nothing we do as missionaries is quite normal. Turns out he was a Jehovah's Witness preacher who had met with missionaries before. I think he was trying to indoctrinate us, but Sister Cutler and I just listened. We asked him why he stopped us and surprisingly he didn't have an answer for us. I think he has a subconscious desire to learn more. He was a neat man and a polite one too, it was just very strange.

Saturday: We were able to go to the Stake Activity, which was the "Country Fair". It was really fun and we helped the family in our ward that was in charge of the shaved ice. There was a big potluck dinner-- Sister Cutler and I realized after we finished eating that by the way we ate that meal it probably looks like no one feeds us. They had a big tug of war competition with all of the missionaries that came (20 plus Elders and us.....) Our team won.. of course ;)

Sunday: We made a discovery!!! The Warsaw Chapel is on land that has an apple orchard behind it..... that the church OWNS!!!!! The apples are so yummy!!! We grabbed as many as our hands could hold and have eaten a lot of them. Now I know what I will be eating for the next month or so while they are still fresh from the tree!!!!!!!

Now all of you probably know more than you want to about my week :) On a little bit of a more spiritual note about my adventures, this week Sister Cutler and I have been studying the atonement lots! It has been neat to see how Heavenly Father makes weak things strong. We have not been super fantastic about asking for referrals, but as we have borne our testimonies about Our Savior, and then asked we have received so many, more then we could have ever imagined!! As long as we rely on the Lord in our lives and realize that everything is done through and by the power of the Atonement, he will bless us in ways that we can not even comprehend.

I love you all!! Thank you for your prayers and continued support oh and letters too :)


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