Friday, September 20, 2013

Bikes in Warsaw

 September 9, 2013

This week was an adventure to say the least :) Sister Cutler and I still get lost... a lot, but we are thankfully starting to really get to know our area and the members in it. It is so fun to serve in a ward with so many individuals who are so excited about missionary work. We are starting to have more lessons in members’ homes which is just so fantastic!!

Sad to say the other sisters who serve with us in Warsaw totaled the car this week. From what we understand the accident was really bad and they shouldn't have walked away from it (but they did :D). We did go a while without a car at all- so this week we did a lot of walking and biking! The bikes are super nice, and now I have a super fantastic biking bag, but I am also very grateful for a car. Riding modestly is sometimes a challenge on windy days in Warsaw... if you can imagine. Thank goodness it is cooling down as well. 70 degrees on a bike is not bad, but 80 or 85 with humidity sometimes makes it hard to look like a representative of Christ at our appointments we have biked to!

We now have two investigators with a baptismal date!!!!!!! We were able to give both of them dates this week. It was so exciting!! And of course I have to tell you a little bit about them :)

Lucinda  is in her 40s and is a sweet woman. She is really tall (I think 6'3''). She has such a strong desire to learn. We brought Sister Nichols from our ward with us to her lesson. As we sat outside on her camper outside of her trailer and explained the importance of baptism, the spirit was so strong. When we asked her if she would accept her baptismal date-- her answer almost sounded like "duh, yeah I will be baptized" It was so exciting!!! This Sunday was her 3rd Sunday at church!

We were also able to give a baptismal date to Gloria, she is only 10 years old. Her parents are both less active right now. But Gloria said she would like to be baptized and they have started coming back to church again. We have only met with her a few times, but yesterday in our lesson after we extended her a specific date, we asked her why she wanted to be baptized. She said it was because she wanted a relationship with the Lord. HOLY COW... that is deep! But so perfect. Her understanding of the importance of baptism is so clear, I love it!

Sister Cutler and I have had a lot of laughs this week and I would love to share just a few of them with you... maybe you will find a little bit of joy (even if you are laughing at me) as well!

1. I put on my helmet backwards.... 2 days in a row. Best part- took a picture before I realized.
2. A member after a lesson asked if we wanted Ice Cream Sundaes. So, we drove through the McDonald's drive through. We drove through and it was fine, but then we decided we needed to go back through again and get some to take home to the other sisters. Only problem is she paid and started to drive off.......... so we drove through the drive through again (3rd times the charm, right?) cut a few cars off and successfully (after much laughter) got the remaining sundaes!

I am so excited to see what else this transfer has in store. It seems like the members are "catching the wave" as Elder Nelson would say and that there are so many people who are ready to receive the message of the restored gospel. I am so grateful I can share my testimony of the gospel with so many people. The atonement is for everyone! To more adventures and hopefully more investigators with baptismal dates this coming week!!


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