Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to Warsaw

I have a new home!! I am now in Warsaw, Indiana! So far I love it!! Our area is the entire county (it is pretty huge) but that is okay, it just means that there is lots of work for us to do! We live in town- which is super convenient. We actually share an apartment with the other sisters serving in our ward, which is super de duper fun!! (except for the 4 girls to one itty bitty tiny bathroom and not very much time in it). Because of the number of new missionaries, we now share a car! That is a new adventure in and of itself. But I decided there had to better a better mode of transportation than just my feet ;) and after talking to some members in the ward and some other missionaries........ (drum roll please) WE GOT BIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Well we get our second bike tomorrow! I am so excited :) We will be able to talk to so many more people the days of the week where we ride instead of drive. You should ask my companion how excited I have been about this.... hahahaha SO EXCITED!!!! So that is probably the most exciting part of my new adventure!

So let me introduce you to my new companion. Her name is Sister Cutler. She is super cute and super fun and is already a fantastic missionary! She is 23 and already graduated from BYUI with a degree in Biology! We have already had a lot of good laughs together and some fantastic lessons!!

We were double transferred into the area, but the sisters before us had set up 4 appointments for our first day in the area. Which was fantastic, because we have already met almost all of our investigators!! Yayy :)  We are giving a bunch of them baptismal dates this week, which will be super exciting. They all seem so prepared to learn and to make this change in their lives. I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks (hopefully much much longer) in Warsaw!

Oh and my district leader is a Spanish speaking elder and for some reason he thinks I am bi-lingual.... it may or may not be because we text him random lines from the Spanish conference ensign we have-- which is actually funny because we have a few Spanish investigators—a family whose mom has not been actively attending church for 20 some years, and wants her kids to learn more about the church. Stephanie who is 13 and Bryan who is 12 both want to be baptized! We are going to give them baptismal dates tonight :) We were able to teach them a lesson on the plan of salvation last Thursday. It was fantastic. Bryan and Stephanie were able to explain most of the plan from the cut outs that we have. The spirit was so strong as their mom bore testimony of the importance of baptism and as we discussed how we can dwell in the presence of our Heavenly Father when we are baptized in the celestial kingdom. I love being a missionary!!

The church is true :) I feel Heavenly Father's love for me and for all of our investigators everyday! It is so exciting to teach people about the gospel. Thank you all for your prayers and your support! I love you!


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