Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teach Baptize

This week was fantastic!! As usual :) 2 more of our investigators now have a baptismal date for November and Lucinda is progressing a lot faster then we had first thought she would, so we are going to move her date up. It is so exciting to be part of these changes that people are making in their lives. It has been nice to have several opportunities to teach and hopefully if all goes as planned (well as the Lord plans) we will continue to find more people to teach!!!

This may sound a little crazy- I have done a lot of thinking this week (I know pretty crazy). I think being on my mission and serving the Lord is the happiest that I have been in my entire life. It is a different kind of happy, a more pure kind of joy. Don't get me wrong, I was plenty happy before my mission, but inviting everyone I meet to come closer to Christ has brought me so much more joy. It is fantastic!!! And I love being a missionary :D

Now this is exciting!! I finally got on a computer today that I can send some pictures..... so whether or not you want to see them, here they come!! 

This is my super cute companion and trainee, Sister C!! We have a lot of fun together and have been so blessed to have so many opportunities to teach!

I really love this Bike. It helps me do missionary work......even when I put my helmet on backwards.......2 days in a row...... hahahahahaha 

Thought you might get as good of a laugh as we did (and yes-we did not notice the helmet was backwards until after the picture. You have permission to laugh at me) 

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