Sunday, October 13, 2013

Staying in Warsaw

After much anticipation Sister Cutler and I found out that we get to STAY in WARSAW together :D Not going to lie, pretty much the BEST news ever!!!! We are so excited.... and Warsaw doesn't know what is coming their way ;)

Conference this weekend was super exciting. One of the Elder's said "Conference on the Mission is like Christmas". Truth. How blessed we are to have a living prophet who teaches and testifies of our Savior and helps us know what we need to do to!! President Monson's purple tie was also pretty exciting :)

We had a zone training this week in Mishuwaka (I probably spelled this wrong) but it was fun to see some of my other "missionary-friends" and to receive training on how we could do and be better. We talked a lot about service and how important that is to missionary work. Sister Cutler and I had the opportunity to help one of our members paint, another member work in a community garden and this week we are going to help a member can pears! I love serving!! Nothing compares to the way you feel after you help someone out-- that and riding a bike in pants (our service clothes) is also pretty fantastic!

As far as exciting missionary work news- the other set of sisters in our ward have a baptism this Saturday-- we are SO EXCITED!!! And we are hoping that lots of our investigators will be able to come :)

All my love from the "lake city" <3 Sarah

Thank you Mom and Dad for the Chick-fil-a gift card- Sister Cutler and I had a most delicious lunch while we were in Misuwalka (oh and I found this polka-dot dress at goodwill for $2...... CRAZY!)

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