Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another great week in Franklin

This week was fantastic!! We managed to stay really busy again!! We had a goal of 26 lessons and exceeded that goal by getting 33 :) I guess Sister Bambrough and I just really like being really busy!!!

This week we saw ALOT of progress in our investigators!!! So here is a little something about them:

Jacob committed to be baptized on July 26th. He had met with missionaries before but wasn't sure about it and wasn't willing to commit to living the gospel in its fullness. After our second lesson with him, he had already decided (on his own) to quit smoking!!! So when we met with him later this week he was super excited to share that with us. He has been carrying around a pack that has one cigarette in it-- he says that it is his last one. He carries it so he knows he can smoke it if he wants too, but as a reminder that it is his last one. So far this has worked for him!! He is 20 years old and we were able to take one of the young men who just graduated with us to his lesson!! It was so awesome!! With the help of Mick we were able to share Joseph Smith's experience with him and commit him to be baptized! I am excited to see how he changes in the next couple of weeks as he continues to commit to live the gospel more fully in his life. It is amazing- he already seems happier!

This week Jeanine also made awesome progress!! She committed to quit smoking on August 4th- her birthday. This is the first time that we have gotten a firm commitment from her to change. With the quit smoking date in mind, we were also able to set a baptismal date of August 16th :) Jeanine has even been reading on her own-- which is a huge and big change for her!! She is beginning to better recognize the spirit that comes when she makes time to read. Reading scriptures is keeping a commandment-- keeping commandments brings blessing, as well as the fact that she is reading the words of the Lord and his chosen servants the prophets. Inviting the spirit into our lives, into our days helps us better understand God's will for us and act on it. It can give us the strength we need to keep all of His commandments. Jeanine is finally starting to put the gospel into action in her life-- and that is when the blessings come :)

Bill also committed to be baptized this week!!!! We were able to teach him in his home with his family’s home teacher!! We had an awesome lesson on the Atonement and forgiveness, eternal life and baptism! Before the lesson Bill had stated that he didn't believe that he would ever be able to be forgiven of his sins. He did not believe that he could be cleansed from his past. The spirit in the lesson was so strong and at the end of it, Bill committed to be baptized. He understands that this involves giving up his alcohol and cigarettes, and he is willing now to make this commitment. I am so grateful that the Atonement covers everything!!! By living the gospel of Jesus Christ we can leave our past behind and become who the Lord wants us to be!! We can return again to live with our Father in heaven!

Okay so this email is WAY long... but one more :)

Renee also committed to be baptized!!! She is praying for a baptismal date right now!! She was not able to make it to church because she got sick :( She is only 16, but recognizes that God isn't really a part of her life right now. She wants to learn how she can be happy and how she can come closer to Him. Her grandma, who she lives with, isn't super interested in learning more herself right now, but she is super supportive of Renee learning more-- she wants Renee to make these changes in her life! We are so excited to teach Renee and help her find true joy by living the gospel!!

I know the joy that comes from living the gospel is real!!! God loves us and wants us to return to live with Him again!! That is why He sent His son to this world!!! Thank you all for your love and support! I love it when I get to hear from you!!

Love <3 Sarah

 There are so many exciting things happening right now in Franklin!!! But here are some pictures on a less serious note ;)

Gotta hate it when your spoon melts

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