Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Fleeners get Baptized !

This week was CRAZY. CRAZY GOOD! We were so busy! Everyday had something! Monday was preparation day and we helped a family move! Tuesday was our district meeting. Then on Wednesday, we spent all day in Seymour on an exchange and Thursday we had our 3 hours of weekly planning and then on Friday we had Mission Leadership Council from 10-4. That is where all of the Sister Trainer Leaders and all of the Zone Leaders meet with President Cleveland and the assistants. Then on Saturday we got to go to Muttie and Sue Fleener’s baptism in CARMEL!!!!!!!!!! It was fantastic! AND THEN on Sunday, Doris, I mean Sister Bennett ;) spoke at the “Why I Believe Fireside” in downtown Indy. So-- crazy week and we still got to teach a lot!!!! I am exhausted, but it was fantastic!!!

So now the best part..... story time!!!!

We got a new investigator, Rene, this week! Her grandma is Janet-- the one whose husband just died and we have been trying to teach for forever now! But anyways, Rene is 16 years old and lives with Janet, so when we went she was there and wanted to sit down with us. She wanted to learn more. Janet would try to change the subject and talk about her problems and the whole time Rene was like "I want to learn more!" She ended up coming to church on Sunday and LOVED IT! An awesome family with a daughter her age picked her up and took her home. She said she wants to keep learning more! We are so excited to teach her-- and talk about baptism at our lesson on Tuesday :) Rene Rocks!

We also got another new investigator this week- Gisselle! She actually has been taught by the elders since September, but it wasn’t going much of anywhere, so our ward mission leader asked us to teach her! She comes to church almost every week, she has read the entire Book of Mormon and actually started it over again and she wants to be baptized. The only thing holding her back is she doesn’t feel like she is prepared enough (biggest LIE ever!!) So we are going to work with her to help her feel more prepared and hopefully give her a date this week as well!! She actually has really good friends in Utah that introduced her to the church. Actually, one of them may or may not be David Archuletta, who is probably going to be the one to baptize her... WHAT!!!!! :D

AND THEN! We got to go to Muttie and Sue Fleener’s Baptism this week!!! I so wish that my camera would let me load the picture, but it is being so silly today.... but they totally didn’t even know that I was coming. Sister Wilde was so sweet to drive us up!!! (in her red convertible Mustang... these sisters have style ;) The look on their faces when we saw them was priceless!!!! They were so excited! Their baptism was fantastic! They left their church of 50 years to come and to be baptized. They are now working towards the temple! It was an awesome day!!!

J came to church!!! It was the first time since we started teaching her that she came!!!!! She brought her less-active ex-mother-in-law too :) So it was a good day at church. She has been struggling a lot with smoking, but she didn't have to smoke at all the 3 hours that she was at church. However, she did bring her a big ol’ thing of sweet tea!! Haha a member asked if she had something delicious and she said "Yup-It's sweet tea- but you can't have any, it’s not allowed." Hahaha too funny!!!!
J was also super sweet and she told me that if Sister Missionaries were Nuns that I would be the biggest and the Numbness Nun (too bad she meant nunnest... there was a lot of laughter!)

Doris Bennett is just fantastic!! She got a calling this week to be the Ward Historian. (I am not sure exactly what that is but apparently they had been praying to find someone who could do it and then Doris got baptized!!) She also shared her story when she spoke at the “Why I Believe” fireside last night! She was so fantastic!!!! By far the best speaker of the night, but then again, I guess I am pretty biased ;) It is so amazing to see how Heavenly Father puts exactly whom we need into our lives when we need them :)

I am so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. He knows us individual. That is what this is all about. Coming closer to Christ and coming to know our Savior better. Finding joy in this life and preparing to live with God again.

I love you all!!!!
<3 Sarah <3

Sarah and her companion in front of the unfinished Indianapolis temple on their way to the Fleener's baptism

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