Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Soooo many Lessons

This week was so busy-- full of cats and lesson!!! Sister Bambrough and I were super motivated... we ended the week with 32 lessons :) (we exceeded our goal of 26 big time!!!) We were so excited and dead tired...... hahah

SO we are BOTH staying in Franklin!!!!! Which is fantastic!!! We are so excited! All we have to do now is help some of our wonderful investigators actually progress :) One of the assistants texted us to tell us that we were both staying with this transfer! We texted back a “thanks” and expressed how excited we were (well tried too..haha) and the text we got back from him simply said "Baptize!" haha guess its time for the rest of Franklin now!

This week we went on splits with some women in the ward!! This is actually the first time I have ever done it, and it was a first for the Franklin Ward too :) It was so much fun! Sister Bambrough and I were both able to teach 2 lessons each with the members we were with. It was so exciting!! We had 4 lessons in 2 hours!!!! The women in this ward are fantastic! I love how willing they are to support us :) Now splits with the sisters will be  a weekly event!

We had an awesome lesson with Rene and her family this week! Her grandma actually had us over for dinner (even made baked, not fried chicken so I coul dactually eat it! She is too sweet!) During the lesson Rene told us that she wanted to be baptized! She said that the church that she is currently going to doesn’t believe in baptism-- but that she has always wanted to be baptized! Too bad she is out of town until Saturday. Her grandma said the choice to be baptized is up to her. We also asked her grandma if she wanted to be baptized... she said she had to think about it... but she sounded sincere. We are also going to start teaching some of Rene's cousins.. we are super excited!!!!!

I think that is all of the SUPER exciting stuff for this week- it would take WAY to long to share everything.. so that is all :)

All my love from Indiana <3 Sarah

Meet one of the kittens.. and a couple pictures of us pretending like we are cool ;)

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