Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good Bye Franklin :(

So first off the news about transfers :) I am leaving Franklin! Sad day- Franklin Ward is just fantastic, but I am also excited for a new adventure!!! Who knows where I will end up, but I will still be a sister trainer leader.... so that narrows down the options of where to go just a little :)

What a week!!!! Absolutely NOTHING went as planned. But I call that an adventure!!!! Sister Bambrough and I kind of thought that this would be our last week together....so we tried to live it up.. make the most of it!! The standard of excellence is to have 20 lessons a week. That would be 120 lessons a transfer. So we set a goal to get 150 lessons this transfer. We were ecstatic with how close we came to this goal! 148 lessons this transfer :))) it was pretty exciting!

We made HUGE progress with Bill this week! He has determined that he will quite smoking and drinking!!! And he came to church on Sunday!!! He met with the Bishop after church this week as well. He told us "Everyone has told me to quit and to change, but I am bullheaded. So I will do it 2 times worser. But when I make up my mind then it happens, because I am bullheaded. So I am getting baptized and quitting smoking and drinking." We were so impressed by his determination. His family's and friend's prayers have paid off and truly softened his heart! We were also grateful that he was willing to make the sacrifice to come to church! He works nights-- and giving up sleep isn't always easy, but he was there :) The converting power of the gospel is real. He also has a baptismal date of September 13th. Happy day! Hopefully I don't move too far so I can come back for it!

Cheyenne was a little down this week. She doesn't want to feel pushed, but still wants to learn more. She is now praying about a new baptismal date. I just hope and pray she doesn't loose her fire. She needs the gospel now more then she ever does! She is so sweet and I love her-- committing to change is hard, but so much easier when we understand and remember the blessings that come from keeping the commandments and following Heavenly Father’s will.

So here are some pictures! Sister Merrill in our ward is fantastic and made us some gluten free, dairy free cupcakes :)

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