Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome to INDY

Hello Hello!!! So I am now on IUPUI CAMPUS-- which means that I am in the Indy YSA Branch!! It is so much fun!!! My companion is Sister Hales. She is so much fun and knows how to work really hard! Basically we are like the same person.. okay not really, because that would just be weird, but what I guess I am trying to stay is that we get along really well!!

So a little bit about campus life :)
-We spend all of our time on campus. The only place we teach lessons besides on campus is at the church
-Summer term is about to end, which means fall will start in just a couple of weeks, which means... LOTS of people to talk to!!!
-Sister Hales and I got white washed in-- double transferred, which means that we are both new in the area-- which makes the first week an adventure!
-We pack our lunches everywhere and most of the time eat dinner at the church.
-Weekends on campus are DEAD. So we try to do as much service as we possibly can on Saturdays!!
-We get to go to FHE (family home evening) and Institute every week and our investigators come too  :) 

So now about the people that we are teaching!

Michael: Michael is 19 yrs old. He has been meeting with the sisters for about 2 months now. In our very first lesson we were able to commit him to baptism.  After several months Michael decided to finally pray about if what the missionaries were teaching him  was true and that he got the answer yes! He has been pretty religious his whole life, but he really likes the Book of Mormon and the fact that we have a modern day prophet. We were able to extend the baptismal date of August 23rd to him!! We love it because he knows almost everyone in the Branch already. In the words of our ward mission leader, Logan, he is "basically already a member!" We are excited to prepare him for baptism and to help him live his testimony! 

Kiki: Kiki is a PHD student. She is super cute! She didn't know who God was at all, but was taught about him and prayed about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. When she got her answer yes  that God was real, she decided to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized. Her baptismal date is also August 23rd!

Awkward story of the week-- one of our investigators was at church. Her name is Yolanda. We didn't know that she was an investigators until after church...... #newsisterprobs

Love you all!! Thank you for your continued support <3 Sarah

And we made homemade mango salsa!!! 

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