Monday, September 8, 2014

Following a prompting

Here's a great story from 2 weeks ago

Okay so here is another really cool story that I just had to share!! So this morning we were on campus and we were walking around. We had just had a pretty cool restoration lesson with a guy from Burma, his name was Joseph and we committed him to baptism (didn't say yes.. but thats okay) but he has agreed to meet with us again! So sister Hales and I went and sat down and had a  quick lesson evaluation (where we talk about how the lesson went and the individual's needs for the next time that we meet). Anyways we got up and we had originally planned to go the way that we always go back towards the front end of the library, but instead I really felt that we needed to head in the opposite direction. So I told Sister Hales that and really having no idea where we were headed we took off. It was right in between classes, so campus was flooded with people! We were walking and Sister Hales saw a girl and said hey, we gotta talk to her! So we did, which was different for us, because we usually don't stop people who are walking, we usually try to talk to people who are already sitting down. We ended up walking back towards the library with her-- her name is Jackie. We had an amazing lesson with her on the Restoration. We also committed her to baptism.. she was actually raised Catholic and didn't want to commit right then and there to be baptized, but she was so excited about the message that we shared and wanted to learn more. We are actually meeting with her again tomorrow!!!! Right before we left she actually told us that she has been looking for church and more direction in her life! I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father guided us to her today!!!!! I know he knows all of His children and is aware of their needs individually!!! 

Just thought I would share that cool story!!! oh and totally almost forgot our #sundayselfie

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