Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Olympics Stripes and Hot Pot

This week was pretty great!!! We had some crazy adventures are were able to teach ALOT of lessons! It was pretty great :)

We had an awesome opportunity on Saturday to help out with the special olympics! They were having softball and corn hole tournaments! It was so much fun! There were lots of other missionaries that I have served with before there so it was fun to see friends! Most missionaries had specific jobs, like to help out in certain areas, but the assistants were just roaming and had a walkie talkie to make sure that everything else was alright that was going on! Sister Hales and I were made the assistants to the assistants so we also just roamed around to make sure everything was okay! The walkie talkie made us pretty official ;)

This week we had a pretty neat experience with Elliot. We were able to sit down after an activity at the church on Thursday and have a lesson with him. Cameron and Lucas were both able to come as well! He actually just moved in with Lucas and both Cameron and Lucas are converts-- so we couldn't ask for better fellowship! Elliot committed to baptism before and then canceled his baptism about an hour before had. Apparently there were some unresolved concerns. Sister Hales and I decided that we would read 3 Nephi 11 with him and talk about how when the Savior came one of the very first things he did was give Nephi the priesthood authority so he could baptize and we figured Christ could better explain why baptism was important. We were reading and the spirit was so strong. The coolest part is when he shared with us during the lesson that reading those verses gave him his answer and that he decided he wanted to be baptized!!!! Elliot is now working towards being baptized on October 4th :) We are pretty pumped!!!! 

Yolanda was doing great earlier this week, but we had some hic-ups yesterday. We are not sure if the baptism is going to happen this weekend or not. I guess there was just a lot that we didn't know. 

We also had a really cool experience with a girl named Kelly we met on campus this week :) Sister Hales and I had kind of had a long day and had just come out a really hard lesson. We sat down outside to do a lesson evaluation before we went and talked to some more people before we headed back to the church for dinner. We were pooped out and didn't have a whole lot of motivation. We decided that we just needed to get up and go and that talking to someone would be what made us feel better... So we did! Before we sat down, I had spotted a girl not to far from us in stripes. When we decided to get up, I was determined that that was who we needed to talk to! So that is what we did! We went and we talked to the girl in stripes. Turns out that she was at church the Sunday before and that she had been attending church in Kentucky the year before!! We were able to meet with her on Friday again and we had a sweet lesson and committed her to baptism!! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father prepares his children to receive our message!! 

So another cool story-- we were able to teach Kiki's boyfriend Min Gao this week :) We aren't sure how interested he is, but we were able to teach him more about God and we taught him how to pray. It was a pretty sweet experience. I love the spirit that comes as we teach others about God. I think that is one of my favorite things to teach on my mission! Kiki was also about to share her testimony with Min Gao and holy cow that girl is awesome!!!!!! She also made us hotpot on Sunday for dinner...which was kind of an adventure, but pretty yummy :)

Being a campus missionary is different! We get to teach so many people and we meet so many awesome people everyday, but it hard to get those we meet to keep their return appointments and often times they come across anti-mormon material between the times that we meet. So it’s hard, but it is an adventure :))

Oh and one more thing-- sweet quote I found this week :)
"Yes, every test, every trial, every challenge and hardship you endure is an opportunity to further develop your faith." Elder Russell M. Nelson

I love this truth!! Our trials are an opportunity for growth. I know that Heavenly Father knows us individually and that he also understands our divine potential. He is going to do everything that He can to help us become who He knows we can be. Our tests and trials and challenges are what shape us and allow us to become more like him. Through my trials I have found so much strength and growth. I know that God is aware and above all else, He loves us and will never allow us to fail.

I hope you all have a great week :))) 

<3 Sister Sarah Mumford

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