Sunday, October 5, 2014

Yolanda gets baptized

So biggest miracle of the week....... YOLANDA GOT BAPTIZED! Yes that is right! She had an interview with President Cleveland on Tuesday afternoon and everything went well and we got the a okay to move forward with the baptism!!! It was amazing! Lots of members of the branch came to support her- which was wonderful. She was baptized by a member of the family ward that she used to live in, Eagle Creek. It was kind of cute, she actually got a little nervous right before she went into the font. After she was baptized, we asked her how she felt and how she thought that it went-- she said that it wasn't quite what she expected. That is was different then her first baptism. That she just felt different! From Yolanda who doesn't show a whole lot of emotion, those words were priceless!!! We got a text from her later that night saying "Thanks. Tonight felt like a new beginning."

The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve a full time mission for the Lord and to see so many miracles! After Yolanda's baptism I felt just so full of joy! Sister Hales and I were talking about it and we both just couldn't stop smiling :)) Being a part of this makes everything-- all of the ups and downs of missionary work totally worth it!!!!

This week we met a really cool new investigator- her name is Caila. I met her with another sister, Sister Hall, on exchanges this week. We were on our way to the library to meet someone and we saw her sitting on a bench. It turns out that she was actually waiting for the shuttle to come. We only talked to her for a few minutes, but it turned out that she was actually looking for a church to attend and wanted to learn more. We set up another appointment to meet with her the next day :) Well we couldn't get ahold of her on Friday when we tried to meet again. Which was making up super de duper nervous! But we went anyways to the spot we had planned to meet and she was right there waiting!!!! We were so excited. (turns out her phone had just died!) We had an awesome restoration lesson with her! We brought Jeanette with us and when she shared her testimony of the restoration and of God's love with us in our lesson she made all of us cry... including Caila. Caila explained that this was exactly what she was looking for in a religion. We can't wait to meet with her again this week!!!

I love serving on a campus! Somedays are hard because we talk to so many people and sometimes it seems like it doesn't go much of anywhere... and it seems like a lot of people don't like to keep their appointments. BUT it is wonderful because so many people are so open and we get to talk to so many people everyday and testify of Jesus Christ so often!!!!!

Anyways that is all for this week! Thank you for your love and your prayers and support!

<3 Sister Sarah Mumford

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