Sunday, October 5, 2014

Temple, General Authorities and More

This week was wonderful!! We were so busy it went by so fast!!! On Wednesday we had a Mission Conference where Elder Perkins from the 70 came and spoke to our mission!! It was fantastic, what a neat experience! It lasted from 9am-4pm, so it was pretty long, but so good. We received several trainings on how we can be more effective as missionaries but I think one of my favorite trainings had to do with receiving personal revelation from meetings. We talked about how we should go to every meeting with a question and how this invites the spirit to answer our questions, making the meeting a personal revelatory experience. Now this is not the first time I have heard this or even used it, but I was so grateful for the reminder-- that I have the opportunity to always be seeking personal revelation. We also got to eat lunch with Elder Perkins and his wife! He is a funny guy. We heard lots of funny stories about his interactions with the quorum of the 12 apostles-- like playing golf with President Eyring or Elder Oaks telling cannable jokes. It made for quite an enjoyable lunch!

This week Sister Hales and I also had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple!! What an amazing experience, I am so grateful that we have a temple. It was nice to be reminded of the promises that I have made and the blessings that come from keeping those covenants. As soon as we sat down in the temple, I was overcome with feelings of peace and of joy. I love that we have the opportunity to go to the Lord's house the temple and to feel the spirit that is there. I know that temples are what bind our families together and that the promises made there are essential to our salvation. I know that the temple is always a place where I can find refugee from my worries and from the world. What a wonderful opportunity that we have to go and to worship there! 

This week Kelly came to church!!! It was awesome-- she loved the branch and it was sweet that we had an awesome testimony meeting that she got to hear-- great first experience in the YSA branch :) We also got to help at a ALS run this weekend-- it was a pretty cool service opportunity. 

I hope that you all have a great week :) I love you so much! 

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