Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

This week was pretty great!!!! Got to love General Conference :) We actually had a really bust week before that, so not only did we get to hear from the prophet, but we also got a nice change of pace! So here is a little bit about what happened this week! 

Monday- Preparation Day :) Played some pretty intense volleyball at the church with all of the missionaries in our zone. Got smacked in the face by the ball. It was pretty epic. 
Tuesday- Exchanges with the Avon Sisters. I went to Avon with Sister Tibbitt and her companion, Sister Tollman got to go to IUPUI Campus for the day. All of our plans fell through in the morning, so we went and we tracted... it was so weird to tract again! Boy oh boy we are really spoiled on campus. It is so nice that there are always SO many people to talk too :)
Wednesday- The Plainfield Sisters both came to campus for exchanges! It was so much fun! We met a lot of really cool people. One of my favorite lessons was with a girl named Sara. We were just outside of the library when we stopped and talked to her. She is actually from Norway and here on a scholarship to play golf.... pretty cool :) She is pretty religious but doesn't have a church here! We were able to share a little bit about what we believed with her. It was sweet! She was on her way to class, so she didn't have too much time, but we are pumped to meet with her again this week! 
We also met a really cool girl named Maya. We were sitting down on a bench doing a couple of lesson evaluations and she came up and started talking to us!!! It was awesome. She wanted to know what made us different and said that she is always looking to learn more about different religions. It was pretty sweet- when we shared the restoration with her she had actually heard it before!! She also said that we were way better then the "preachers" on campus (guy who reads-- maybe more like yells about the bible on the corner) we thought it was a pretty sweet compliment! 
Thursday- We contacted with one of our favorite members James in the morning. It is really fun because he actually starts most of the conversation. He is so out going-- he joined the church almost a year ago and is too old to serve a mission (he is 30) so he loves the opportunity to share his testimony! 
We also had a SWEET lesson with one of our investigators Lacey. We mostly just taught her about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. I love how every time that I have the opportunity to teach about the atonement that my own personal testimony of it is strengthened.  
Friday- We had Mission Leadership Council at the mission home!!! We all had to come with a talk prepared on how faith in the atonement increased our desire to serve and then they randomly picked 2 people to give it! Thank goodness it wasn't me!! I did learn a lot though as I prepared the talk and from the Elder and Sister who actually gave the talk. We talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ a lot. But the real question is... are we applying it? The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so much more then a redemption of our sins-- but there is an enabling power that comes from the Atonement! Christ knows us perfectly and knows how to help us perfectly and can gives the strength that we need that is beyond our own needs!! 
AND WE GOT TO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS!!!!!! It was really sweet! 
Saturday & Sunday- General Conference! We got to watch the first two sessions

at a members house-Todd's house with Natalie, Lauren, and Cameron and the other sets of missionaries :) We watched Sunday morning at the church and then Sunday afternoon with the senior couple in the White River Ward, the Larsens. It was so good!!!! I love that not only do we have a prophet, but that we get to hear from the prophet! One of my favorite quotes from him was:  "Walking where Jesus walked is less important than walking as He walked" President Monson. I know that President Monson receives revelation from God on what we need to hear and how to lead and guide Christ's church on the earth today!!! 

okay so now a funny story-- we got these "hipster" glasses from a service project we did last week.... the Elders wanted to wear them to MLC. So we agreed that we would be silly and do this. The funniest part of their request was that we match our outfits to the color of glasses that we have.... hahahahahah 

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