Monday, October 20, 2014

Rain Rain go Away

This week was interesting, to say the least. It was a little slower than weeks we have had before, but still good! Actually this week was really super de duper rainy. Which makes personal contacting on campus a little tricky, because we are not allowed to start conversations inside of buildings, only outside. It was also a bummer that our favorite member to contact with, James, was in Utah all week! But we still had lots of miracles! 

We have this new investigator named Christian, who funny enough, I actually haven't taught yet because of the way that exchanges have lined up!! He is a music therapy major here at IUPUI. He seems pretty interested. We (and by we I mean Sister Hales and Sister Cooley when they were on exchanges) were able to take Christian on a church tour and he loved it! His work schedule right now is a little tricky and he wasn't able to come to church, but he says that he would like to soon! I love how strong his desire to learn more is! He is reading the Book of Mormon... I think that he is starting to change. Honestly, that is the most amazing part about missionary work is being able to watch someone change as they accept and begin to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness! 

We also got to see Meet the Mormons again this week when it was screened for our zone! It was just as good the second time! If you haven't seen it yet, you should!! You won't regret it! It is an awesome way to feel the Spirit! Our Branch President on Sunday talked about how it was just like sacrament meeting, except for the fact that everyone was 30 minutes early to the theater and then everyone stayed after to socialize! So that is my plug for Meet the Mormons-- you should totally see it!!

We also have our monthly “Why I Believe” Fireside on Sunday. I love it so much! It is so uplifting to hear so many recent converts, or returning members share their stories. Plus it is pretty fun to see all of the other missionaries that I have served by again! Yesterday, Sue Fleener spoke at it (I found her with Sister Pitcher when I was in Carmel and she got baptized a little bit after I was transferred!) She did so well ! I loved being able to hear her testimony of these restored truths. She shared with everyone how it was hard and it was frustrating, but how she wanted so badly to find the truth! When we first met Sue she would never pray, because she thought that God didn't care about her. Now it is amazing to see how the knowledge that she is a daughter of God and that He cares about her reflects in her countenance! I loved that I could give her a huge hug again too :)

Well, I hope that you all have an amazing week!!! Thank you for your continued love and support!


Sister Sarah Mumford 

This is our walk every day to campus.

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