Monday, September 8, 2014

IUPUI Adventures

Here is Sarah's news form August 18th

This week was awesome!!!! A little strange... but who isn't up for an adventure!

No one is on campus this week, which is a total bummer. We are super excited for fall semester to start next week so we can talk to more people again! BUT... we got "kicked off" of campus by the Dean last week. And by we I mean the elders. Apparently we are not allowed to solicit and what we are doing as missionaries I guess qualified as soliciting. So we are respecting that for the time being. The zone leaders and President Cleveland have a meeting with the Dean this week. So hopefully everything will work out so we can work on campus again!! So anyways... that made for a strange week. But its all good :) This also mean that we went on 2 exchanges this week!! We went to Greencastle and the Indy 3rd ward. It is always fun to go and serve with other sisters. 

We were actually able to go back to the fair on Monday (got free tickets) and President Cleveland gave all of the missionaries permission to ride some rides.... CRAZY. It also decided to rain cats and dogs, so that made for an adventure!! 

Michael and Kiki are both doing fantastic!!! Their baptism is this Saturday! We are so excited!!! Both of them had their interviews this week and both of them asked Elder Van Haren, and elder serving in our ward to baptize them! 
Coolest Michael story of the week. So we had a lesson with one of our other investigators, Taylor. We could not find any one to go to the lesson with us, but we had just had a lesson with Michael right before, so we asked him if he would like to join us!!! So, Michael came with us and bore a sweet testimony of why it is important to keep the sabbath day holy... it was awesome!!! He is so ready to be baptized!!! 
Kiki was super nervous for her interview-- so we went over the questions with her, which of course she flew threw with ease. After we finished the last question we told her we were done and she was like... wait, that's all?!? that was easy. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father prepares his children to make and keep sacred covenants. Kiki and Michael are both so prepared. What a wonderful opportunity I have to teach them!! 

Terribly hilarious story.... So we were on exchanges with the Green Castle sisters and we were walking home to go to have lunch. Well there was a tree that was hanging over the sidewalk and the sidewalk was super bumpy. And guess who ran SMACK into the tree... yup I know how embarrassing. Thank goodness it was only me and S
ister London (the sister I was on exchanges with!)

I hope that you all have a great week!!!! Thank you for your continued prayers and support! 

<3 Sarah

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