Monday, November 11, 2013

Cotton Eye Joe Gone Wrong

This week Adam was baptized!!! YAYY! It was so exciting! It was cool, because Adam seemed really excited about it all too. His baptism was pretty small and simple, but it was so perfect! Adam and his fiancĂ© set a date to go to the temple together! The wonderful thing about the gospel is that Adam not only changed his life, but he also changed his future family’s life! Oh and Sister Cutler and I thought that we would be funny and did our best to match at the baptism and then everyone else also showed up in purple hahah

This week we also had interviews with President Cleveland. It was cool, because we actually spent most of our time together as companions in the interview and we talked about what our goals are for the last quarter of the year for our area. It was neat because he said that Sister Cutler and I might get another, yes another, transfer together!! Which would be like the best thing ever!!!!!!!!! 

So for the real excitement this week. I sprained my ankle…. really bad. And now I am sure that all of you are just dying to hear about how I would have done such a thing. So here goes the story, it is quite embarrassing. 
So Monday evening Sister Cutler and I had a lot of energy left after we finished our nightly planning and we decided that we needed to get it out. And what better way then cheesy dance moves in our bedroom. So we were just getting our wiggles out when we decided to do the cotton eye joe. We were doing the knee high cow jumpy move thing (the yee haww) I sure hope you know what I am talking about! Well my knees were up to my waist and then I fell. I landed crazy hard and there was a giant snap that came from my ankle. YIKES! It swelled up to the size of a baseball in about 2 minutes. I was able to get a priesthood blessing that night, did not sleep much, but was able to go to the doctor later the next day. One x-ray later we found out that is just a really bad sprain and that something is quite possibly torn. Thankfully a family in the ward had an extra set of crutches and members of the ward have been very willing to let me sit on their couch-- and then another member takes Sister Cutler out on an exchange. So I am going a little bit stir crazy!! But hopefully I will be able to walk soon. For now my ankle is still swollen and purple. YIKES! So yes, that is all of the excitement here.

I hope that all of you have an amazing and wonderful week! I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. He loves us so much that he sent his son to die for us. Jesus Christ is our Savor and our Redeemer. With out him there would be no way back to our Father in Heaven. I love that every morning I get to wake up and put on a name tag that declares to the world that for this period of time I have been set apart as His representative!! 


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