Sunday, November 3, 2013

We Stalk the Mailman

It is pretty embarrassing... we know ALL of the mailman’s habits now. We know what he wears, when he comes, and how long he takes. The only thing that we don't know is his name. Everyday we pray there is mail. Between the four of us that live together we normally get at least something. Days without mail are a big disappointment.  So now you know.. missionaries stalk mailmen. (no shame)

This week was so exciting!! and it went so fast. Sister Cutler and I had more lessons than I have had my entire mission. And  in so many of them we had the opportunity to take members of our ward with us to the lesson. It was awesome. We did go tracting in 32 degree weather with flurries. It was quite the adventure. I thought all of you might enjoy a rather embarrassing story. So here it is. It was chilly, so I put on tights. They seemed to fit just fine, or so I thought. When we left our apartment to go tracting and try to see a few of our investigators (it was about 40 degrees and really windy), I noticed that the tights began to slip. I had on a dress, so there wasn't much I could do about fixing it. I stopped at a tree and tried to re-adjust (note much laughter was involved.) I finally concluded that in order to successfully keep my tights where they belonged that I need to hold them up. So looking like a dork I walked on. Before I knew it the tights were at my knees (yes at my knees. It was NUTS). Finally I gave in to cold breezes up my legs and gave up and just took them off. To say the least it was freezing, embarrassing and hilarious.

Adam is going to baptized on this Saturday!!!!! Ahhhhhh I am soooooo excited (if you couldn't tell :)! We were able to meet with him about every other day this past week. In our lesson last night at the Haas' (the Ward Mission Leader's house) Adam and Shelby set a date to be sealed together next year!!!! Sister Cutler and I are so excited for them. Adam who started out really quiet, now is very comfortable asking us all sorts of questions and has gotten pretty good at answering ours. I think the most amazing thing about all of this is to see the change that his taken  place in his countenance. It is kind of hard to describe, but I am sure lots of you know what I mean- he is so much happier, he is so much lighter. He understands how the spirit works and he is preparing not only for his baptism, but to receive the priesthood and for a temple marriage. It is amazing. Boy oh boy I just LOVE being a missionary!!!

Gloria (one of our other investigators- sorry I don't remember if I wrote about her last week or not!) is going to be baptized on November 9th. Her mom has helped her to make church a priority. One of the things that I love most about Gloria is that she seems to understand how simple the gospel is. I also love how every time she prays in a lesson to prays to understand all that she needs to in order to be baptized. She is awesome and super fun to teach!

Brain and Stephanie are also going to be baptized before November ends (whoot whoot yayyy!!!!) Brian was able to come to church this Sunday with his mom! He seemed to fit in perfectly. He even wore a white shirt and tie. When his mom stood up and introduced herself in gospel principles class it was so cute, her English is not very good, but it went something like this "I am from Mexico, I have been Mormon long time but I have been inactive. I love being back at church and two of my children will be baptized in November's end and I cannot be happier!" While she does not remember much of the gospel she knows without a doubt how much it will bless her family and the joy that it brings to her life. I am pretty sure that she grinned ear to ear almost all of church.

So on a less-spiritual note-- Sister Cutler and I had Blu Bell Coconut- Fudge Ice cream at a members house and it was divine!!
Our ward mission leader and wife both got I Phones which means that they can text now!!!! (Best day ever!!) And Sister Cutler and I enjoy taking pictures of ourselves and leaving them on membe’rs fridges (photobombing).

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a missionary!


Real time photo-- taken about 20 minutes ago in the backseat of the car on the way to the library... we LOVE preparation day

Sometimes we have opportunities to garden in 30 degree weather.... but we only own dress coats, so puffy vests we found in the apartment it is!!!!

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