Sunday, November 3, 2013

Time Flies When You are Having Fun

This week was AWESOME!! Actually it flew by. I kind of can't believe that I am at the computer again typing to all of you! I guess time flies when you are having fun? or something like that......

Anyways--first things first, I have to tell you about Adam. So Adam is 19 years old- he just graduated this spring from High School, he is working at Arby's and he just got engaged to a girl in our ward (who is 18), named Shelby. As soon as they were engaged, he started coming to church with Shelby- and who did Sister Cutler and I get to start teaching? ADAM!! He didn't have much religious background and at first he didn't even really seem like he wanted to be taking the lessons. All of his answers were along the lines of "maybe, probably, sometimes, or decently.”  Not helpful. But, something changed in Adam. He started to read the Book of Mormon, he would tell us what he learned in priesthood at church and he was praying everyday. By applying the basic principles of the gospel in his life he began to have a desire, he wanted to learn more. So we asked him last week if he would like to be baptized and he said YES!!! We had him pray about when he thought he would be ready to be baptized. Turns out he thought he would be ready a whole lot sooner then we did! His baptism will be on November 2nd!!!!! So Sister Cutler and I are teaching him LOTS to make sure that he is prepared to enter into the covenant. It is awesome!!!

I also wanted to tell you about Gloria. She is 10 years old- her Mom is a convert of only 3 years and has been less active for almost 2 now. Since we started teaching her, she has been coming to church with her Mom. And Gloria is going to baptized on November 9th!! YAYY!!!! At first she was really scared about learning everything and being able to remember it all- but not any more :) Part of what makes the gospel so amazing is how simple it is. Sometimes it is hard-- but the principles are simple and they are all for our happiness.

Sister Cutler and I have been disappointed at how lots of our investigators are not attending church. It is frustrating that they don't understand the importance of renewing--or preparing-- for their baptismal covenants. I love the sacrament. It is an opportunity that we have every week to be as clean as we were when we were baptized. Through the sacrament, we can renew ALL of our covenants. I am so grateful that I can do this every Sunday. That I can take the opportunity to repent nightly and then be squeaky clean again on Sundays. Let's be real here... you can't get that far away from God in 7 days ;)

I love this gospel, I love Warsaw, I love teaching and I love being a missionary!!


The pictures---
we milked goats by flashlight this week!

Indiana has HUGE leafs :)

And I love Sister Cutler :)))

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