Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby is Baptized

All right so babies don't really get baptized. That would be really silly. And wouldn't make any sense, but SHAE GOT BAPTIZED this weekend--prego belly and all :) It is always amazing to see investigators enter into the waters of baptism. She was so ready to make this covenant with Heavenly Father. I think my very most favorite part of baptism is that we receive the opportunity to renew those covenants that we make every week during the sacrament and then we have the opportunity to be worthy again of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Our Father in Heaven always wants to provide a way that we can feel his love in our lives and have continued guidance and direction. He will always be there. And I love that!!!

We started going on more exchanges this week. Boy oh boy I sure love them, but they make me TIRED! It is so much fun to work in other sisters areas. I know that I am suppose to be doing my very best to strengthen them, but man I sure learn a lot about how I can be a better missionary from each of them every exchange. It is pretty awesome!

Sister P. and I stay pretty busy between meetings and teaching and trying to find new investigators and visiting less actives and BAPTIZING! We are excited to share a Christmas message with everyone that we meet in the next couple of weeks! Everyone loves celebrating family and Christ's birth at this time of year and we are so excited to share more with those that we meet about the atonement and how to access it more fully through the restored gospel (aka being baptized!) Oh exciting news..... we even have Christmas dinner with a non-member... who isn’t even an investigators (yet ;)

I love you all and hope your Christmas is as white as it is here in Carmel!


Here is a picture before Shae's baptism (yay meet Sister Pitcher!!)

oh and a baby Christmas tree that Sister Warner's parents sent her that we decorated with what we could find :).... super cheesy pic, but I think its hilarious
 Sister P. Shae and Sister M.

X mas tree decorated with whatever the sister coudl find.

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