Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Miracles

This week has been a week or miracles. Finding new investigators, visiting with less actives and teaching! I know that the Lord cares about His work and will do everything that he can in His power to support us- He will always provide a way!!

One of the many miracles of this week was Brandy. She is a lady that we found because we didn't have the apartment number for a referral, so we decided to knock on all of the doors. Well, she let us right in!! Come to find out, she has been searching for more truth and looking for a way to come closer to Christ! She accepted the restoration with no questions! The only thing she could really say is "this just makes sense!!: She is so prepared!!!! Only one catch (yes because of course there is a catch!) She moves to Florida on the 25th. Sad day :(

Ashley has been sick the past couple of weeks so we had to move her baptismal date to the end of December so she can come to church more before she is baptized! She is also amazing! The members have really been a huge support. We have been able to have almost all of our lessons in a member’s home, which provides an even stronger spirit. She is engrossed in learning the gospel, which I love! And then makes me cry a little bit (shhh don't tell, but it is probably more like a lot ;)

I found a scripture this week that I loved!! It is 1 Nephi 19:10 (which is compare Isaiah) it reads " For Behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction." I love that scripture because I know that our Heavenly Father will always give us trials, but we receive the opportunity to exercise our agency and turn to Him. Each of us has a specific role. We are put in certain places to help certain people at certain times.  So basically we can do anything that Heavenly Father asks us to because He loves us! He often will ask us to do the hardest things when we feel like there is no way that we can (hence the furnace of our afflictions). BUT this is not true. He knows what we can and can not handle and this is why He provided us with the atonement. He loved us so much to send His son!! And the best way to feel of this love is to rely on the atonement, to use it in our lives. To trust that our Heavenly Father will help us do all things that we need to do!! Even when we are in the furnace of our affliction, He is there and He loves us and will provide a way for us!! Plus I feel a special when I hear Isaiah's words that we are chosen :)

I love you all! And hope that you have an amazing and wonderful Christmas!!

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