Sunday, December 1, 2013


My new home is Carmel, Indiana. I live on missionary lane. My new companion is Sister Pitcher (who is 6'3''!!!). We share an apartment with another set of sisters, the Bailey's live down the street, the Hodges (two older couples) live across the street. There is a set of Elders also across the street and the assistants live next door!!

Carmel is a fantastic area!! It is a pretty wealthy area. Oh and we drive by the temple lots!! The stone mason is currently attending our ward which is really exciting because the stone is starting to go up!! Next week I will have to try to get a picture of the temple and then figure out how to send it!!

Sister Pitcher and I had a fantastic opportunity on Saturday evening. We were able to go to dinner with and then teach two lessons with Elder Dunnigan, the area 70. It was really amazing!! Not going to lie, we were a little bit nervous about it, but both of the lessons were fantastic. It was a really neat opportunity, especially to feel his love and his testimony. He really added to both of our lessons.

We currently have two investigators who we just were able to extend baptismal dates to last week! So looks like as of right now we will have two baptisms in December!  (one of them's husband is the Ronald McDonald!) I will for sure let you know all about them as soon as I get to know a little bit more about them :)

So we do share the ward with a set of Elders, and Elder Craven, from the MTC is my district leader again!! So that is super exciting! It is kind of strange to go back to being the only set of sisters in a district again. But then again 6 elders to 2 sisters seems more like a normal ratio for a district.

I love you!! I hope 40 Days is going well for everyone!! I am sorry this letter was a little scatterbrained today! Hopefully I will have lots of amazing stories to tell next week :)

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