Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ashley Was Baptized

What a fantastic week!!!!!!
SO ASHLEY WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!! Her less active friend, Jacob, who introduced her to the church, his parents came down for the baptism and his dad baptized her! She came out just grinning ear to ear!! It was amazing... and then we found out that the night before her baptism that Jacob had proposed to her.... She said yes on the condition that a year from her baptism he can take her to the temple!!! I am so grateful that I got to be a part of all of this!! Only bummer is that church was totally canceled and she wont get comfirmed until next week!! Oh and our new nick name for her is "that red headed mormon lady)
So other exciting news this week. We are teaching a lady who is in her 50s, Ronnita. She is taking care of her mother who has deminsia. So she is basically stuck inside all day. But then she is also paranoide that people are stealing from her... so she stays inside all day everyday and NEVER leaves...but when we went to teach her she was out of dog food. And let me just tell you about this dog. His name is Danny, he is 8 months old and HUGE... he is the most disobedient dog I have ever met. He barks a "NO" sound back to Ronnita and whines and cries. His bark sounds like it would KILL you... and he attacks us while we pray. Sister Barrett and I both have a very strong dislike towards this dog... anyways he was out of dogfood so we were nice and went to PetsMart and got her some more. Probably one of the most random things I have done to serve any of my investigators. Tonight we are looking forward to meeting with her again- not so much looking foward to Danny.....
One more super exciting thing from this week! We got a new investigator this week, Brayden. We showed him a picutre of the temple at the end of our lesson and told him that is was just off of 116th and Springmill. He said "No way! I have been deleivering stone to that site for months now! I am helping building the Mormon temple!!" He is praying about whether or not the church is true :) Walked out of that lesson almost giddy!!
Sister Barrett and I have been so incredibly blessed. Our mission now has a standard of excellence... which is pretty high for the leaders in the mission. It is amazing what the Lord can do when we set goals and are dedicated to them!! We have been super busy despite the weather!
I am so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am glad that it is His church and His work. I know that only through Him are we able to return to live once again with our Father in Heaven!! Church is true.

Love Sarah

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