Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Its Cold

This week was a little crazy!!! Since the roads were still terrible (thank goodness we were safe) we weren't able to do as much work as we would of liked to, but we were able to stay really busy and had a pretty awesome week!!

First off, Ashley passed her baptismal interview!!!! She was so excited afterwards we even did a happy dance (Sister Barrett, Ashley and I)! She is so excited for her baptism, which will be next weekend (the 25th). Her best friend's dad is going to come into town to baptize her! We are also lucky enough to have a lesson with her at the Bishop's house tonight after dinner!

Elder Perkins from the 70 was in town for 24 hours, so we got a chance to meet with him (as part of the leadership council) on Saturday morning! He told us lots of cool stories about the Prophet and about the apostles... which he has lunch with almost every week (CRAZY!!). I think what stuck out the most to me is that we have the ability to make every meeting we go to a revelatory experience. We can do this by asking questions. If we prepare for our meetings with questions, we prepare ourselves to be open to revelation from the spirit. We are actively listening. It is amazing how when we knock, the Lord will always answer. Asking questions has just helped me how to better understand how to knock!

We also had a really neat experience where we were able to go tracting with some Laurels in our ward. Nothing amazing happened, but it was fun to go on splits with them. Both of the laurels we went with are planning on serving missions themselves-- we even got a few lessons in :)

We also had the chance to attend an awesome fireside down in Indy last night. It is called "Why I Believe." 6 converts shared their stories and missionaries and members are invited (especially to bring recent converts, less active members, investigators and non-members). A sister in our ward who was baptized just a couple of months ago spoke! The spirit in those meetings is amazing, like testimony meeting on steroids!! I am just so grateful for the opportunity I have to teach people about Christ and watch their relationship with Heavenly Father grow. The church is true and I love it!!!!


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