Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Best friends and lawn mowers

I have a new companion!!! It is Sister Bambrough! Sorry we have been lame and not taken a picture together, but I love her :) We actually LIVED together in Warsaw. She is wonderful! It is fun to actually be companions now! This is her first transfer as a sister trainer leader... so I guess I am suppose to show her the ropes or something like that :) We are excited for an awesome transfer... with hopefully 4 baptisms ;) that is at least ;) hahah
The biggest miracle this week was Malichi. Malichi is Will and Artie's best friend and next door neighbor.... for some background, also an 11 year old boy :). Will and Artie have been telling Malichi about every thing they learn and he actually came to church last Sunday. We sat down and invited him to learn more. That lesson we were teaching some of the commandments and going over the interview questions. At the end of the lesson Malichi announced that he would like to be baptized as well!!!!! So right now we are working on getting permission from the bishop! But hopefully Malichi will have the opportunity to be baptized with Will and Artie. Sadly they were not able to come to church on Sunday. So now their baptismal date will be the 24th-- makes for a pretty memorable memorial day weekend :) I am grateful for Will and Artie's excitement about the gospel and for their willingness to share it with their best friend!!
Doris is doing fantastic!!! She came to church this week and LOVED it!! She asked lots of questions in gospel principles class and got to say hello to all of her friends. I just love how fired up she is about the gospel and how willing she is to share everything that she has learned. Doris live on about 3 acres of land that is mostly grass. So we went and helped her mow on Saturday!! Her riding lawn mower was REALLY FUN.... and it was fun to serve her :) She is reading everyday and just loving the gospel! It is so exciting to see the change in her countenance- and the joy that she is now experiencing!
We were also able to meet with Theresa this week- which I told you about last week- the one who came and asked us to learn more when we were parked outside of her house! Well she is also just loving the gospel! She is reading the Book of Mormon. We were able to teach the entire restoration lesson to her last week.... it took a few lessons, she is a talker :) She said she loves it because it just makes sense :) She was raised in another religion but doesn't agree with most of it.  She said she isn't excited to wear a dress to church but that she is excited to sit on cushioned pews! So next week she should be there! It is amazing how the Lord has prepared all of these people for us to teach!!
We are keeping REALLY BUSY!!! I love it!!! There is hardly time to even think about what we are doing next!! This week we have zone conference and then on Friday we are going to the temple! It is going to be so exciting!!
Thank you for your love and prayers!!!
<3 Sarah

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