Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Boys Were Baptized

So Sister Bambrough and I after this incredibly exciting week, decided that we needed to hashtag all of the excitement.... so enjoy :)
This week was fantastic!!!! Will and Artie and Malichi were all baptized!!!!! And confirmed. Their baptism was awesome!! Their dad, who just started investigating the church last week got up at the end of the baptism and bore his testimony on how much it meant to him that his boys were baptized and how much it touched him to hear his boys pray! Bill actually came to church on Sunday (got it off work to see his boys confirmed!!) and has been reading the Book of Mormon. Things are going so well with this family!!! We are so excited for their family to prepare to go to the temple together!!!!!
Doris is doing fantastic as usual!! She passed her interview :) So things are in high gear for her baptism this Saturday! She is just fantastic! I wish I could give every companionship around the world an investigator just like Doris. She is so prepared and while not every commitment has been easy for her to accept, she has accepted them with full faith that the Lord will provide a way for her to keep all of his commandments! She told us this week that she just cant wait to have a calling so that she can serve the members around her and so that she can be more a part of the ward. She is just wonderful!!
Sister Bambrough and I are looking forward to a week full of finding new investigators!!! I guess having most of your progressing investigators get baptized is a pretty good problem to have :)
Thank you for your prayers and your continued love and support!!!
Sarah <3

Sarah and Sister Bambrough at Ward movie night.

AND I am a terrible person and forgot my camera in all of the hubbub of emailing not on preparation day with the holiday... so baptism pictures next week!!!!

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