Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whoot! Whoot! We're gonna have a baptism or three

This week was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! Zone conference, GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!!, an exchange and a baptismal interview!!!! PLUS we also met our goal of 21 lessons and had 11 member presents!!!!

Best news of the week: Malichi, Will and Artie all passed their baptismal interview!!!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!! So next week these boys are getting baptized!! Their mom was so proud to announce their baptism to everyone in Relief Society! We had told a boy in the ward that they were coming, so he could invite them to class. Right after sacrament meeting was over, he ran up and snatched them and made sure they all ended up where they were suppose to go!! Best part was they all LOVED church! These boys have grown so much in the gospel. All of them now read everyday, and they are to the point now where they don't even have to be reminded! It is neat to see how much joy the gospel has brought to their lives and how they are able to recognize that joy!! Heavenly Father truly prepared a plan of happiness for all of His Children!

Doris is just doing fantastic as well! She is as excited about the gospel as ever. Her situation with her husband right now is a little tricky. He is basically anti- religion. At first he was not excited at all that she was meeting with us and coming to church and such. Doris has been praying that her husband would see the change in her and that he would be more receptive and that her church attendance would have his approval. Yesterday her told her that he can tell that this really makes her happy and that he wants her to keep going, so she can be happy. We are so proud of Doris, she is so strong!! There is nothing that will stop her!

When I had the opportunity to call home, I was reminded by my family that my nick-name is most often "chatter-box." Well at zone conference during lunch, President Cleveland sat down and chatted for a few minutes with me and my companion. I had had just a couple bits of lunch and Sister Bambrough's was already gone! Presidents' first comment to us was "Boy we can sure see who does the talking in this companionship" we laughed. It’s probably true.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! And I can't wait to send picture of the baptism next week :)

 Sarah with her companion Sister Bambrough in their "summer car"  doesn't hurt to dream right?

 Sarah wit h Sister Navarro who gave up over 24 hours and drove almost 1,000 miles to get these girls to the temple.
All the sister missionaries at the temple in Lexington, KY.  Its just liek the Apex temple so Sarah felt right at home.

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