Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Inspired Parking

Now I know you are all just dying to know... so here is the transfer verdict! I am staying in Franklin (yay!) and Sister Bowen is leaving (boo). Bu,t I will get another fantastic sister who will be a Sister Trainer Leader with me. It shall be an adventure. One of the perks of this assignment is you always get a super solid companion!!!
So this week was amazing!! As usual :) We were able to extend baptismal dates to a few more investigators and we also found some fun new investigators!! So many good things are going on in Franklin right now!!
Doris is doing fantastic!! She is reading from the Book of Mormon still and she is doing all of the other "assignments" that we give her as well! She loves it! She is going through quite a bit with her husband right now- she is not sure if he will ever be able to come home again and if he did come home if she would be able to take care of him. He is beginning to decline mentally also and she is having to make a really tough decisions that aren't making him too happy. We were able to have lessons with her this week in the Wilde's and in the Oliver's homes. Which was wonderful because they love her and she loves them!! Doris said that she has noticed a change in herself since she has started meeting with us, that she feels happier and that she has more peace. She said that her challenges seems so much easier to handle now. It is amazing what the gospel does for us, the changes that it brings about in individuals. It is amazing!! Sadly she wasn't able to make it to church this week cause she caught a bug on Sunday:(
Then there is Will and Artie!! They are 10 and 11 year old brothers. There mom has been less active for years, but just finished the Book of Mormon and has been back at church for almost 2 months now. On Wednesday, we invited Will and Artie to be baptized!! They both said YES!!! They will be baptized on May 17th! We are so excited for them :) We talked quite a bit about Joseph Smith with them this week and they loved him. We asked after we talked about the first vision how they felt and what they were thinking. Their responses were "peace and happiness" and "faith". I just love how excited this family is about the gospel!
We met with Jeanine a few times this week and she is progressing... wasn't able to make it to church due to back pain, but I am pretty sure she will come soon. Yesterday, she made us a cake just because. I love how much love this woman has for all of those people in her life. She will do anything for her family!!! She is truly amazing. This week we are going to help her begin the process of giving up smoking.... it should be an adventure!!
So now here is the best story of all for this week. It was Saturday afternoon and Sister Bowen and I had a ton of phone calls to make. We had about an hour and a half before dinner and we had a bunch of potential investigators that we felt like we neeed to go check up on too. So we went to a neighborhood where we knew we could stay busy, but we decided that first we should make some of the phone calls that we needed to. We were in our car for about 45 minutes and the people in the house closest to where we parked kept going in and out of their house. We didn't think too much of it.  We thougth they might think we looked a little bit  like creeps. We were wrapping things up, getting ready to get out of the car when the woman from the house we were parked by backed out and then rolled over to where we were and rolled down her window. The conversation went a little bit like this:
"Are you girls alright?"
"Yes we are fine"
"You are not lost or anything are you?"
"No we aren't, but that you for asking, we are just making a few calls."
"Oh gotcha, well are you relators then?"
"No, haha we are actually Missionaries!"
"Oh No WAY! Does that mean you get to go to other countries and help and stuff?
"Haha that would be fun, but no- we are Misisonaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So basically we teach people about Christ and how to come closer to him."
"No- way, I was looking for a church!" .........
We ended up talking to Theresa for 20 more minutes, car to car and then we had an appointment with her Sundaymorning. She is fantastic!! She has a lot of questions, but she is looking for more in her life right now. She is excited to read the Book of Mormon. She told us yesterday that she is not sure if she wants to convert, but that she wants to learn more for sure! So now the big joke is that the people we teach come find us ;) that and inspired parking!
We that is all for this week
!! There are just so many exciting things happening right now in Franklin! I am sad Sister Bowen is leaving- so grateful for the time I have had with her and the many adventures :)
All of my love from Indiana
<3 Sarah
oh and for service this week we bottle fed puppies :)

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